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– Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online Carl Jung ooks Andrew Salter. Results 1 – 21 of 21 Hypnotism New and Revised Edition by George H. Estabrooks and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. From Hypnotism, by G.H. Estabrooks, , Paperback published in New York by E.P. Dutton Reproduced here by permission of Dutton.

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The writer recalls one such incident. Not only does he think the operator’s actions quite reasonable, but he makes no effort at all to assert his own independence. You are sound, sound asleep. You are rooted to the ground. After five minutes, during which period we have checked several times on the blood pressure to keep g.a.estabroooks the delusion, we tell the subject that we would like to see if he can talk in his sleep, since this represents the very deepest form of relaxation.

Now hypnosos your eyes, but remain asleep. The record in question was a Swiss yodelling song! The speed and extent to which he accepts these suggestions give us a fairly accurate picture as to his possibilities as a subject. One, for example, simply aims at transforming natural sleep into the hypnotic variety. Scientific research gives no basis whatsoever for such an idea. Most of us have made its acquaintance via the stage and the “professional,” whereas in Europe these public exhibitions of hypnotism are generally not allowed.

At times we can enter into conversation with him. You are falling backward into my arms. Very frequently, when we dare the subject to open his eyes, bend his arm or stand up, he makes no effort whatsoever.


Most psychologists are either unfamiliar with his technique or ignore it completely.

Estabrooks – Hypnotism – 2

Clasp your hands together firmly. You will see standing on the table in front of you a very friendly black cat. Nor is he in any way worried about having the cooperation of his victim. Hypnotism has nothing of mystery in its nature. You cannot take your hands apart. It has forced hypnotism back into the psychological laboratory where the psychologist, with a much greater range of interest than his medical compatriot, has been doing some very excellent work during the past twenty years.

For the time being, however, this public prejudice is still very strong. Your hands are locked firmly together. No matter how hard you try, you cannot stop your hands from going around.

If he does, he is in deep hypnosis. This could very g.a.estabeooks be arranged and would be a great convenience to both subject and doctor. The two techniques we have described up to the present, with their endless variations, represent those most commonly used to induce hypnotism, but there are others.

Now open your mouth. This may come as a revelation to the reader but, for example, our own Federal Bureau of Investigation knows more about possible criminal uses of hypnotism than anyone in the country. We hypnotize the subject without his realizing what is happening.

Then after a couple of minutes he dares them to open their eyes, and notes results. Stiffen g.a.estabrioks your jaw muscles. But even if he cannot bend his arm, this fact guarantees nothing as to his going deeper.

George Estabrooks – Wikipedia

But this is only a possibility and something for the future. Your jaws are stiff and locked in place. To them such questions were merely side issues, and very unpleasant side issues at that. There appears to be no difference. We begin by requesting the subject to clasp his hands firmly together, and to imagine as vividly as possible that they are locked together, that he cannot take them apart.


So the first concept we get of hypnotism is that curious picture of an unconscious mind controlled by the conscious mind of the operator. Your hands are locked together. g.z.estabrooks

George Estabrooks

The truth of yesterday may be false today. Hypnotism is notoriously time consuming and any device which could meet this objection might make it far more acceptable to the average medical man. Then he stiffens out the arms of the entire group and dares them to relax the arm muscles. We will see, in later pages, that all this proves very little. Should the operator be successful up to this point, he will proceed with the next step.

You are falling back into my arms. The subject may easily awaken from this first light trance, have a vague memory of what has happened and refuse to have anything more to do with hypnotism. Or he may meet the challenge quite successfully, relax his arm and open his eyes.

So he took the first record in sight, put it on the victrola and said, humorously, “Now listen to that.