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Thanks in advance for any replies. I have recently set up a Hylafax server on CENTOS 6. Currently we are able to print faxes to the Hylafax. ftp:// .. Also create /etc/hylafax/ with the following content to disable the email. The faxmail HylaFAX settings can be found here: hylafax. With these settings you can: receive your faxes in your.

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The default bold faaxmail is Helvetica-Bold. I have upgraded to 4. Set the name of font to use for setting text. It may just be my imagination, but it seems that fax transmits are faster no complaint!

X-FAX- header lines may be included in the mail message envelope to control the submission and delivery process. The default page width is taken from the default page size. An explicit dialstring to use in delivery can also be specified with an X-FAX-Dialstring header in the mail hyylafax envelope. Make sure this comes before the generic match on text files that invokes textfmt! PageMargins Set the output page margins.

Hylafax faxmail setup

I think ive gone through this with you once before, but. An explicit dialstring to use in delivery can also be specified with an X-FAX-Dialstring header in the mail message envelope. Registration faxmzil quick, simple and absolutely free.


Enabling gaudy headers implicitly enables page headers. Control whether discarded MIME parts are replaced by a text message indicating the original content was removed.

I would like to give my users the option to send an email to or through the fax server and have it treat the header and body of the email as the cover page and the attachment s stripped off, translated to ps or pdf and sent as the fax. In the fzxmail development snapshot of the next major release we’ve added MIMEConverters back in so you get the best of both worlds, but for now you should look into typerules.

The one thing I can’t seem to find good documentation for is how to properly set up the ability to email-to-fax.

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Its marking me as version 4. Controls for specifying headers to be passed through in the formatted text identify not only which faxmaol but also the order in which the headers should be emitted.

hylacax Equivalent to the -r and -R options. When faxmail is invoked it delivers the formatted document directly to a Hyla FAX server for transmission as facsimile.

I’m trying to do it with sendmail. The following configuration parameters are recognized to support formatting: I’ve tried every somewhat comprehensive document I can find and none of them work. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.


If the text part is completely empty, it will effectively be skipped. Use width as hylafac width, in inches, of the output page. Equivalent to the -p option. By default, faxmail sets all text in 10 point type on an 8.

A command line destination is specified with the same syntax as the argument for the -d option to the sendfax 1 command. MIME processing is fairly simple and currently somewhat constrained. Post by James Smith The version in debian lenny is listed as 4.

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The account name to use to login to a fax server when doing direct delivery. Find More Posts by markie Lee Howard Post by Darren Nickerson Dayton, In 4.

Only the last instance of a header is kept and written to the output. First it parses the envelope information interpreting any meta-header information see below that is present. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of hlyafax Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.