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Buy For.A HVSHS Type B M/E Switcher featuring Allows 8 HD/SD-SDI I/ O, HVSROU M/E 12 Button Panel Supports Frame Synchronizer Function. For-a HVSHS Pdf User Manuals. View online or download For-a HVS- HS Operation Manual. The HVSHS provides eight inputs and outputs standard, which can be expanded to 24 inputs and 12 outputs. HD/SD-SDI I/O is standard.

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Specifications And Dimensions The picture can be enlarged, shrunk, repositioned, cropped or given a border. Transition Pattern List Editor Control option The Switcher supports 2 channels of dedicated Picture-in-Picture PiP circuits that allow the picture to be enlarged, shrunk, repositioned, cropped, or given a border.

Creating A Chroma Key Transfer of the externally created data to the main unit is possible by the 4 still store channels via Ethernet. Connecting Control And Remote Panels How To Enable 2d Dves Adjusting Video Signal Levels Gpi In Connector Triggering User Buttons Switching of asynchronous signals is possible via the frame synchronizer 350s present in each input.


Aux And Optional Outputs Backing Up Sequence Data Pattern Modify Example2 pattern Advanced Settings For Transitions Playback On Pgm Bus This is naturally suitable for re-sizing not only SD signals but also PC video. Key Insert Matt 3550hs Table of contents Rack Mounting Assigning Router Control Function Connecting Audio Mixers Hhvs Access Buttons Inverting Key And Background Clean Set Up Video Clip Operation Quick Reference Adjusting The Key Signal Hvsou For Hvshs Crosspoint Switch Timing You can easily achieve a multi-monitor setup on up to four screens by assigning four channels of DSK to four AUX channels and using the standard feature 2D DVE for the DSK in a state where the same source has been selected for each channel to enlarge the display of a portion of the video and transform and transition to match the arrangement of monitors.

Cg Wipe Operation Example 2 Using The Shift Function Saving Cg Wipe Settings Where Dsks Appear Transfer of the externally created data to the main unit is possible by the 4 still store channels via Ethernet.


How To Select Aux Signals Tally Output Settings hvstalr Cg Wipe Operation Example 1 Loading Setting Data Inserting Pinp Video Externally created still data can be sent to the main unit via Ethernet. System Setup Settings Transitions Using Event Recall