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Using mod_expires, you can tell visiting browsers to hold on to certain files longer (likes images, which are rarely changed). ss. It should be added to the top of ss file. ## EXPIRES CACHING ## mod_expires.c> ExpiresActive On ExpiresByType. htaccess mod_expires / mod_cache / mod_deflate / mod_headers ss.

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InMotion Hosting Customer Community. I thought my head was going to explode. Browser caching stores webpage resource files on a local computer when a user visits a webpage.

How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess

After that, make some sample requests to your files and check the response headers. In that case your server will send only small response to the browser Not Modified if the requested resource is not changed. This cache code is placed in the. Hello JF, Thank you for contacting us.

The following table explains the difference between them. If you’re using a proxy server that has cached the files, there’s nothing we can clear rxpiresbytype. To check whether or not rules were activated on your host, you can use Firebug addon for Firefox.

apache – Setting expire headers for fonts not working – Stack Overflow

If so then go into httpd. The important part of this line is to notice that there are different types of files listed css, js, htaccesz, png, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Can anyone please let us know how to fix this problem. Hello once again, I wanted to know if Etags could be of any help expiresbyytype my siteas my site is on only one server. To simplify my question This expire configuration works for the file which is not accessed and cached before in proxyWhat configuration we can do for the file which is already accesed and cached in the proxy and having a expiration date.


btaccess After it expired only this expire configuration will work. Your suggestion gave me solution for my current issue, Thank you so much for that.

.htaccess – htaccess caching not working – Stack Overflow

The direct article to my problem wasn’t helpful at all, this solution should be suggested there too! Ok, just tested this out and it made no change. Apache config files certainly don’t satisfy the later. I added the Basic expire code from this tutorial to my htaccess file and the GTMetrix Report is still saying “F” fail on that issue COuld someone help me to fix it. OK so my htacess is correct and proper?

Leverage browser caching

Expiresybtype clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. If you’re so concerned about “on-topic” questions perhaps you should go and troll newer questions instead!?


Each user can clear their own cache, but adding the exception for the specific file types will not cause those that have cached already to remove their cached versions. Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and tutorials about WordPress and web development.

The response header for my website is looking like this: It is redundant to specify both Expires and Cache-Control: Note that it follows the domain’s robots. Back to first comment top.

It does appear that you may have some server side caching issues that you may want to speak with your server admin about. Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate the issue you are seeing at all. You may want to do like this:.

Thank you, -John-Paul Reply. To turn on compression in. To allow browser caching, you would need need to configure this on the external caching server.