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Commentary on automatic bank switching (48GX cards) versus manual bank . posting information for 48 along with source code for SHIP. Description: Complete copy of the eighth edition of the 48G series instruction manual. This PDF document has pages and was scanned by me at dpi. The AUR is just what it’s name tells you it is: it’s a reference manual for the HP48 G Series. It has the same outside appearance as the HP48 G Series User Guide .

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Explains that it’s not a bug, but rather a limitation, that you cannot use exponents on units higher than Lists the key assignments on the 48S series that are useless at certain times and thus ready to be reassigned.

Instructions explaining how to make an IR transceiver performing signaling format conversion between the Hewlett-Packard proprietary IR format used on the Up48 48, and the standard RS signaling used on any serial port. Already have an HP account? Select from the products you own.

Shows how to put an external power manuaal into the HP 48 for plugging in an Up48 adapter or any other external power supply. The Universal Lab Interface can be used with virtually any computer that has a serial communication port.

Fully bookmarked in order to easily jump between sections. New orthographically corrected version. This file is more comprehensive than the above file, and is in HTML format. Sequel to the above document, with information on chaos, order, and the hp4 plane, and Julia and Mandelbrot fractals.


Detailed documentation of the algebraic and graphics capabilities of the HP 49G working with complex quantities.

My HP48 GX rev. Horn and Balazs Fischer and others. Description and photos of how one person repaired a keyboard failure in a 48GX due to the batteries leaking. Why did you buy the HP 48? Editor Plus Notes 2.

Kind of interesting for people who have used the Internet for a long time. Explains a bug related to grobs, that can cause a Memory Clear h4p8 attempting to create a grob with one dimension over about a million pixels.

HP 48g Graphing Calculator User Guides | HP® Customer Support

The second has them sorted on ERRN number and thus on category and only contains the number in hex and the message itself. The comments on any given topic are not exhaustive, but are quick summaries of operational differences.

A little out of date now and only here for historical reasons, but it contains posting information for comp.

This chapter is the bulk of the whole book; it’s pages thick. Yes, it contains exactly one. Contains information about how the checksums for objects are determined and gives two C routines to calculate them.

HP 48g Graphing Calculator User Guides

Turns the calculator into an intervalometer. With this document you will build and improve your HP PC cable. Contains 58 pages of excellent trivia. Como fazer o cabo 1.


Identifies a bug in the GX where the RCL command does not work properly when given a high port 2 or higher and a path to a variable. Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. Automatically updated every Sunday despite the date in this listing.

A command comparison sheet of HP symbolic RPN calculators, containing a description of every command. The sheet is color coded based on the model for easy reading. Miscellaneous HP 48 Nanual Files The first size listed is the downloaded file size and the second size listed is the size on the calculator.

Table includes both User Flags and System Flags. Please use the product number and serial numbers of the new product to validate warranty status. This issue covers the Xpander, factoring on the 39G, sequences on the 30S, derivatives on the 49G, and general HP calculator information.

Review: HP 48G Series Advanced User’s Reference Manual

Product has been exchanged: Involves opening the calculator and replacing a resistor. An analysis of manua, way the 48SX produces beeps, and side effects that can be noticed due to the implementation. If you are having trouble with the screen in your HP 48, you may be eligible for a free replacement. This chapter contains a table with all units the HP48 G Series knows.