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Can both – internal and external – be used? I still have a lot of rondostta concerning the code and unfortunately not enough time to go through it and understand it in detail.

I know only gcc version, but significant is also version of AVR lib. Bedienungaanleitung, in my example, if I only had waited some minutes longer and the temperature would have changed just a bit, Is would have become positive and the valve would have opened.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20 –

However, without testing, I can’t confirm. I have a blank display after some seconds only with this software. Including Linux on small routers. Motor recalibration will only touch to “open end” and go back to wanted position because know “closed position” – saved in EEPROM.

Yes, we can use XTEA encryptor on feedback mode to generate key to encrypt data. By this way we can made honyewell include crazy ideas. Rev have improved integrator consequences. Thats to cold for me.

Hello Jiri and OpenHR20 Team, first of all, sorry if my comments on HR20 wireless spec honeywelp misplaced and sounded inpolite, both wasnt meant so! I thing that your tool in SVN will be welcome. Basierend auf dieser Hardware wollen wir eine neue Software entwickeln. It takes a while until a full implementation is available but if I interpret it right, as I even so they offer already the.


No problems with compiling and exactly the features added to the original code that I missed. Here is an updated version of the hr20cmd tool. I am not sure I correctly understood what you ment.

The firmware’s source code including encryption algorithms is open source.

Can you give me an SVN-Account for the project? I was not abble to find any library for lightweight XY grapg. Just found this project and is very eager to try to build the software and hack my HR20 thermostats. I will be changed soon this wekend probably.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20

Aktive day is shown in italic Bugfixes on loading an saving data Resizebale window, application starts with last size Temp The PCB size is about 20mm x 30mm x 3mm. Honejwell it for now, keep on the good work. NET Framework is bedienungsanleituny contained in the installer. It have big priority for me at this moment. But it can be useful for others. Power supply must be wired to connector.

It is not pollite for others discus this document on this thread when it is not public now.

Benefit is that it can be connected outside without open HR The output while adjusting or just any motor movement? Have you got chance to test an RFM12 at something like 2.


NET, it is the fastest way for me with acceptable effort to get a complex program although it is still a lot of work.

And I know that these small rooms are very complicated in terms of regulation compared to larger ones. Please contact me by email for access to SVN or send me patch set.

But Jiri might be right, that long wires can be a problem for the signal edges although the overall speed can be as slow as wished. The attack is on: In this context, could somebody give me a little explanation in how the calibration of the Motor travel works. It is strange, that diffence between this two values is bigger than 1. Currently I did not like to add this settings to the GUI.

This is not really the desired effect. LED can be moved to another pin than PD7 16 but tell me it.