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Hikayat Robbi Bin Ahmad. Uploaded by. Robbi Bin Ahmad. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. JMBRAS, VOL. 84, Part 2 (), pp. 45–65 The Hikayat Patani: The Kingdom of Patani in the Malay and Thai Political World1 NATHAN PORATH This paper. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Hikayat Patani the Story of Patani | The stimulus for the joint venture of which the present book is the visible result was.

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Shortly afterwards he also fell in love with one of the dancers of the royal performing troupe who, it seems, possessed him through magic. It does seem to speak of Langka- suka and Sai as well as Kelantan as separate political entities.

Fadhel Muhammad marked it as to-read Jan 12, This site uses cookies. However, I suggest that it does indirectly refer to the war in one of the most baffling mimetic sentences of the entire text: We also do not know how the hikayat was positioned in the multi-vocality of historical narratives that existed when it was originally composed, even though the hikayat does suggest that other voices existed.

Ligor in the south was also rebelling. Apart from the fact that Patani helped Ayutthaya against Malacca in the late fifteenth century, the Malay Annals tells us that after Ayut- thaya attacked Malacca, the Siamese armies retreated, first stopping in the safe grounds of Patani before moving back up the peninsula.

Hikayat Patani. The story of Patani

Patani was nikayat a Buddhist kingdom and at a certain moment in its history one of the rajas converted to Islam and over time the population followed. Patani inherited it from its Buddhist past and it was not shared with Johor; later it could not be shaken off. The royal servant beat the royal drum, which called the Siamese guards in and severe fighting broke out.

There is no reason to suppose that Patani would have followed Malacca. The previous king of Kota Maligai left behind the old fisherman and his wife because they had contracted a skin disease. On his departure the Ayut- thaya king gave the sultan prisoners of war from Pegu and Lancang. HistoryPolitic Tags: Refresh and try again. Or an ethnicist perspective could claim that Patani felt ethnic affinity with Johor and other Malay kingdoms.


Hikayat Patani

According to the hikayat, Raja Ungu had a daughter, Raja Kuning, who at the age of twelve was given in marriage to a nobleman from Ligor, the ppatani province, which represented Patani. Remember me on this computer. Ambassadorial Missions for Peace On his return, Raja Manzur Syah succeeded his brother on the throne and became the new sultan of Patani.

Azim Haziq added it Apr 08, The construction of hhikayat new political entity along the coast surely would have affected the power relationship with the ancient coastal polity of Sai. Stories of the Inland Dynasty The first section, which includes pages 1—74 of the manuscript, details events during the reign of the Inland Dynasty, which ruled Pattani from foundation, as early as the midth century, until its bikayat in the 17th century.

Hikayat Patani by Siti Hawa binti Saleh

He did not manage to take Ayutthaya, which was now ruled by King Cakkraphat. It is possible that Patani was formed aptani this period from Langkasuka, or that Langkasuka ceased to physically exist but continued lingering on in the politico-geographical imagination of scribes of more distant kingdoms. This can be compared to the affirmation of mimetic similarities found in a text such as Tuhfat al Nafis The Precious Gift where the nuances of mimetic difference and similarities hikatat questioned through concepts of hybridity and authenticity within the Malacca kingdomhood complex.

Awan Sufi rated it really liked it Jul 22, The hikayat himayat states that during the early period Sai was the personal fiefdom of the Raja of Sai.

Discredited, the Raja of Johor was cast out of Patani and forced to return to Johor.

The Hikayat Patanimeaning Story Of Pattani, is a semi-legendary set of tales that chronicle the history of the Hikayxt kingdomnow a southern state of Thailand.

Book on pataniConflictMalaypatanipataniconflictspattaniSiamThai. The Shogun of Japan broke off all correspondence with him.

Although the hikayat narrates two visits, it is probably merging two different historical stories, one which entailed an earlier marriage relationship and the other the attack on Ayutthaya. From here on events in the text portray the Johoreans, who were also with a large Acehnese contingent, as untrustworthy hikaywt, doing their own bidding without any civilized consideration for the kingdom that hosted them.


Trivia About Hikayat Patani. Halim added it Jun 08, The Ayutthaya chronicles written in hikaywt nineteenth century make two white elephants the trigger of the war.

Hikayat Patani. The story of Patani, by A. Teeuw [and] D. K. Wyat | Patani Conflicts

No trivia or quizzes yet. Two Social Contracts In the hikayat we find two skin disease legends: By contrast, what today we would call the ethnic identity-question is raised in the text in relation to Johor only to fracture mimetic similarity.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Tika Oktavianti marked it as to-read Feb 19, The third is when a lesser ruler becomes strong enough to be a rival but concedes to the superiority of his adversary for whatever reason on the condi- tion that certain concessions are met.

The King of Hong- sawadi Burma demanded that King Cakkraphat share two white elephants with him, a statement reflecting the desire to subjugate his adversary.

Bradley reminds us that Malay hikayats were composed by court scribes for reasons of political legitimation. Siti Hawa binti Saleh. Unpublished paper presented at the international Conference on Thai Studies, Bangkok, 22—24 August It was a betrayal of an ally within an Indic frame of mimetic kingdom-hood power. hikaat

What may not have been so apparent at the time was that its possibility for greatness in a world of overlapping hierarchical kingdoms may have been because of its alliance with Ayutthaya, which patan this small kingdom the arrogance it needed in relation to Malay kingdoms further south.

Finally the kingdom was shattered and swallowed up by its original patron, Siam.