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Free Essay: Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case – Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and. Sep 7, Henry tam at mgi team. 1. 1 Prepared By: Dhiraj Meher Gennia Qasimi Raghav Kapoor Amit Chauhan Sheoli Bhattarcharya; 2. Evaluation. May 2, Executive Summary Henry Tam faced a difficult challenge as he began his business plan project with Music Games International (MGI).

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Thirdly, no team leader was officially appointed or nobody was empowered tram define the role structure, the decision-making process and assessing team performance.

Finally, the conflict between the team members presented another team problem. Team members have used commonality and reciprocity to others.

To get a unique essay Hire Writer. They are able to deal with the complex disagreements in creative ways. Although the founding members were close knit, they had problems with new team members in the past. An important recommendation for Henry would include establishing expectations and boundaries for the group.

To completely understand MGM and provide recommendations as to working effectively, we will start by analyzing the Issues that MGM has experienced. Once again, the team engaged a strength aspect of empathizing, supporting, and harmonizing among the team.

Team members have failed to established clear goal to others. We felt that the team members did not have a common goal.

Henry Tam and the MGI Team

He stated that when she deals with musicians, she has to understand that their styles are very relaxed. A limited time offer! In this instance, it causes the team not to be as effective as they otherwise would.


This would set out to evoke greater meaning and deeper commitment among the team members. The Fhe founders wanted a business plan to develop yeam vision into a viable business and wanted somebody to help them to write one which led them to the HBS Business Plan Contest and we suspected that meeting the time line was not their first priority. The second team problem was the diversity and the multicultural background.

Although the team assembled was highly motivated and committed to working together, the progress of the business plan was very slow. Per Henry, the leader was that person who at the time had the most energy to give to an issue. However, one danger sign was the personality of the MGI team foundersthey had a history of not getting along henrj outsiders very well as indicated in the case.

An Analysis of Henry Tam and the MGI Team | College Writing Samples

According to case, Alex and Dana would have been in favor. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Team work requires the ability to successfully collaborate with each other without any biases. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dana was particularly upset with her conflicts with Hsnry.

They have come together in order to complete a task. Utilizing the egalitarianism value system would be quite beneficial. This site uses cookies.

Sasha seems to be much Americanized as their preferences of languages suggest pg. His CV did not indicate his key achievements.

Henry Tam and Mgi Team

Establish a clear team leader with the capacity to influence team members that will develop credibility within the team. He could appoint a timekeeper and minute taker for the meetings to ensure schedule was checked and necessary post meeting actions were clearly stated and executed. Based on the leadership styles, Henry was a team leader [16]. Certain jobs should have been broken down from a MGI Team decision into subgroup decisions. Therefore, the group fails to achieve timeliness.


Focus on working together.

Henry Tam & The MGI Team

Sasha needs to be put on the same page with everyone. Empathizing in this case shows that team members express empathy and support for others. Dana and Henry saw themselves as strategic contributors to the business strategy of MGI but was perceived by Sasha as interns and business plan writers while Igor saw them similarly as helping with vision and strategy.

The team started their first meeting in early February and by mid March after several meetings; they did not even have the first draft of the business plan which was due in 3 weeks for submission. So his strengths could also be considered weaknesses if taken to the extreme. McNamara stated that the major ways that people use etam deal with conflict are as follows: Also, the team members did not share a common hdnry. This is just a sample. Team members have established strong supporting, empathizing, and harmonizing relationship.