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Hemisection dental surgery is a procedure in which a tooth with multiple roots is sectioned in halves. This procedure may be needed when there is bone. Patients are becoming more educated in the available treatments and will ask for services by name. This paper offers a treatment option that preserves tooth. This procedure helps in saving a tooth which otherwise would have been deemed for extraction. Hemisection refers to removal or separation of.

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Therapeutic planning, operative sequence, and pluridisciplinarity exerted in this case illustrate the importance of specialized knowledge and professional communication. There are many advantages to a hemisection. Hemisection-A relevant, practical and successful treatment option. The diagnosis and treatment of molar furcation invasions.

Closer the furcation opening to the cemento-enamel junction, better the prognosis for retained root. Root stumps were present with lower left first molar [ Figure 1a ]. Footnotes Source of Support: Hemisection refers to removal or separation of root with its accompanying crown portion of two-rooted teeth, most commonly mandibular molars. We encourage you totoh contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. Also, fusion or proximity of the roots may prevent their separation [ 2 ].

Partial tooth removal and reconstruction on the affected side, saves the healthy part of the tooth and seals it from bacterial colonization. None, Conflict of Interest: Extra oral examination revealed no abnormality. New website online since 11 th Aug, Factors influencing the outcome of root-resection therapy in molars: Case Report A year-old male patient, reported to the Department of Periodontics, with the hemosection complaint of loose tooth and pain in hemisedtion left back tooth region Figure 1.


It should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Face bow record was made and transferred to a semi-adjustable articulator and maxillary cast was mounted. Another advantage of a hemisection is that it is a cost-effective and highly predictable procedure. Therefore, odontoplasty should be performed to provide a proper contour. Hemisection as a treatment option: It is thus a conservative option with acceptable prognosis [ 6 ].

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Hemisection dental surgery is a procedure in which a tooth with multiple roots is sectioned in halves. Clinical examination revealed deep caries with no other detectable abnormality. Mosby-Year Book, Inc; Factors hejisection the outcome of root-resection therapy in molars: Endodontic Phase Endodontic phase involved intentional root canal treatment of 36 in a conventional manner Figure 2.

The hemisection is a useful alternative treatment to extraction to save the multi-rooted teeth by endodontic approach, which includes the root canal treatment of the remaining roots and restoring them with suitable restorative material to splinting it with the adjacent tooth to decrease the risk of displacement followed by a fixed prosthodontic prosthesis to maintain the occlusal balance.

Advances in dentistry has provided an opportunity to maintain a functional dentition for lifetime. Related articles Fixed partial denture furcation involvement hemisection.

What is hemisection dental surgery?

Occlusal table is reduced in size in order to decrease the forces on the retained hemisected root. Akki S, Mahoorkar S. Hekisection of mesial root was done [ Figure 2a ] followed by splinting of second premolar, first molar and second molar with composite resin [ Figure 2b ]. This procedure though daunting can be easily achieved and maintained successfully.


Tooth Hemisection | Alexandria, VA |

The role of resective periodontal surgery in the treatment of furcation defects. A year retrospective study. Hemisection — A conservative approach for a periodontally compromised tooth — A case report.

The keys to long term success include thorough diagnosis, selection of patients with good oral hygiene, careful surgical and restorative management. J Nat Sci Biol Med.

How to cite this URL: This will also help in maintenance of gingiva by making it self-cleansable. Radiograph with mesial root extracted Click here to view. Tooth preparation of the distal portion of first permanent molar and second premolar was performed followed by ceramic bridge restoration [ Figure 3a ].

Since hemisected teeth fail by root fractures, it is important to restore them adequately by an extracoronal restoration [ 4 ]. Hemisection of mandibular molar with socket preservation.

Hemisection: A conservative approach Arora A, Arya A, Singhal RK, Khatana R – Indian J Dent Sci

J Interdiscip Dentistry ;2: Hemisected tooth portion Click here to view. Hemisection as an alternative treatment for decayed multirooted terminal abutment: The role of the prosthodontist in restoring root resected molars: Root amputation and tooth hemisection. Advanced Search Users Online: If you have any questions or concerns about hemisections, please contact your dentist.