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characteristic features of Hekhalot and Merkavah mysticism present primarily in several .. Hekhalot Zutarti relates Rabbi Akiva’s ascent to the upper heavens. ); Hekhalot Rabbati (paras. , , , , ); Sar Torah (paras. ); Hekhalot Zutarti (roughly paras. , ); Magic . Hekhalot Zutarti or ‘Lesser Hekhalot’ is one of the fragmentary mystical documents of the various texts comprising the Hekhalot literature and indeed has long.

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I propose therefore that the most illuminating framework for these experiences is shamanism. Friday, June 17, Daily Hekhalot: This tendency, in great mystics, gradually captures the whole field of consciousness; it dominates their life and, in the experience called ‘mystic union,’ attains its end.

Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought

As soon as I saw that I could not serve by means of fasting, I made use of the name of forty-two letters. The Hebrew University Magnes Press. But this and other features of the narrative are strikingly similar to the experiences ascribed to the descenders to the chariot, making the initiatory vision of the Tagvi Samoyed shaman Sereptie of special interest to us.

The prince of light opposite the angel of darkness, or Belial is clearly related to the theology behind this magical evaluation. Jerusalem Studies In Jewish Thought.

In the Hekhalot Rabbati, R. It is true that fasting, purification, and isolation are mentioned only in association with theurgy in the preserved Hekhalot texts, but, as in shamanism, these texts do not make a sharp distinction between the visionary journey and theurgy.

Akiva descends to the chariot to confirm the efficacy hekgalot the theurgical ascesis paras.

Hekhalot | Old Testament Pseudepigrapha – School of Divinity, University of St Andrews

The voice of the first: These divisions are for convenience only and do not imply a theoretical statement about the textual boundaries of the Hekhalot literature. Space permits only a few preliminary observations. Halperin has traced the interpretation of Ezekiel 1 and related passages through many centuries and has illuminated this exegetical tradition a great deal. Nehuniah ben HaQanah suggested to his disciple R.


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Let him not go out or come in, and he must neither eat nor drink. Nor is Hekhalot esotericism merely magic: Sharpe,esp.

The last belongs, strictly speaking, to the magical literature rather than the Hekhalot literature; but see the discussion below on the relation between these two genres. The question of the relation between the Hekhalot literature and Jewish magic is an important one that has not yet received much attention.

In the principal manuscripts of the Hekhalot Literature we do not find a text entitled Hekhalot Zutarti.

Hekhalot literature – Wikipedia

Let him immerse with twenty-four immersions. The text is translated by Michael A. State University of New York, Once one negotiates the seven gates he will be seated in the bosom of God of whom several names are given paras. And if he adds or subtracts, his blood is on his own head.

Both macroforms, I would add, show a good deal of interest in the interaction between master and disciple. Maran Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The picture in the Sar Torah text paras. In the Hekhalot Zutarti as identified by Jellinek there are several different strata of Hekhalof tradition unrelated as to author, chronological date of writtingand of form. Ishmael for protection from the angels who stand in the heavenly throne room. Translations are my own unless otherwise indicated.

These practices include fasting and dietary restrictions of various kinds, seclusion in a dark place, walking pilgrimages between sacred places, and rigorous regimes of immersion and bathing in ice-cold water.

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The voice of the fourth: Bryce Boyer and Simon A. Nehuniah prefaces his instructions with the comments. It has been accepted in previous research that Hekhalot Zutarti is the oldest text of this literaturehowever, no philological analysis has ever been attempted to prove this the thesis. A description of the world tree forms an inclusio for R. However, the term “mysticism” seems to me to be something zuarti a misnomer when applied to the esotericism found in the Hekhalot literature.

Daniel Merkur suggests that this experience is a form of anxiety attack generated by sensory deprivation e. The following additional diacritical marks are used:. Chernus sees the concerns of the Maseket Hekhalot to be similar to those of the Hekhalot Rabbati, and he declines to tackle the concept of community in 3 Enoch.

But, again like the mystic, the beneficiary of the esoteric experience is the community, not just the hekhakot practitioner or clients.

Hekhalot Zutarti

Check your browser Flash settings — click here for more details. The editorial considerations, thereforefor including each particular passage in Hekhalot Zutarti are not readily appearent and the compilation of these fragments in to a structural whole must seriously be questioned.

Nor is there any mention of their using drums. The use of songs and repetitions of divine names to trigger a visionary journey as per paras. About these contemplations said the Tana, “four entered the orchard” it is also explained in that Baraita, Rabbi Akiva spoke to them “When you come to the place of the pure marble plates then do not say: One of the central functions of the shaman is to control spirits.