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Egyptology must bear the exercise too, for we know in Ancient Egypt magic (” heka”) was the cornerstone of all major & minor state cults as well as being crucial. The magical word of Heka could mean several meanings to many people. Each of these meanings also signifies many faces of complex Egyptian magic and. Introduction of Heka, How it is practiced, how rituals and spells are cast, Gods summoned and spirits invoked. Get to know Egyptian Magic today.

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He was also the arbiter, and his duty was to prevent Set or Horus from destroying the other. Two modes of supernatural effects are distinguished. Thou dost not cast seed into his anus? Many attributes of the sacred power of the feminine were reassociated with divinities which all navigated on the Bark of Re. Do not be far removed from the gods, so that they may make for you this utterance which they made for Re-Atum who shines every day. The peace of Thoth was a neutrality which was also the objective guarantee of objectivity, truth and justice.

According to Hassanmythogenetic changes were an essential ingredient in the rise of the state and they were not merely a consequence of economic or political developments.

Heka, the ancient Egyptian magic

They stand between action-schema and concept. Action like execration meant piercing of a figurine with needles or knives, spitting, or burning. The ancient Egyptians understood the principles of star energy and starlight in their daily lives.

For Pharaoh, his nobles and high officials, these ceremonies could take as long as 70 days. To repeat a formula four times made it powerful in all quaters of creation. Eghptian blow is repaid by its like, to every action there is a response. In fact, Thoth wrote a magnificent book called the Emerald Tablet that provides sophisticated spiritual technology kagic with superior cosmic sciences. This chaos was personified by the Ogdoad of Hermopolis, showing that this theology was intimately linked with the “mind of Re” speaking its Great Word which transformed the pre-creational, chaotic Ogdoad cf.


Slight movements away from the straight path could imply going astray and be assimilated by either polarity of the Ogdoad. He [went] out from Pharaoh’s hekz, took his offerings and libations, went on board a boat, and hastened to Khmun. In my opinion, this makes the Egyptian cultural form so exceedingly interesting.

The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts.

Heka (god)

Together with the divine magic of Thoth, Osiris was restored. For example, column 55 of the Shabaka Stone reads: The magical actions were important, but absolutely impotent without the words necessary to empower them. However, in Ancient Egypt, magic is particularly “mental” and it continued to play a dominant role in the next stages of cognitive development.

The next step involved the annexation of the key nomes of Middle Egypt and the remaining Northern nomes. The historical age of Egypt started with this unification of the Two Lands.

We see an increase in the formation of coordinating conceptual structures which are capable of becoming closed word-images by virtue of a play of anticipative and retrospective constructions of jagic imaginal thought-forms. To the objective sound-glyph the phonetics, in this case, being the consonantal structures with no vocalizations an ideogram is added changing the overall meaning.

The Practice of Heka and Egyptian Magic

Hippos are fiercely protective egyptiaan their young and dangerous to man, the dead were therefore frequently endowed with figurines which had a leg purposely broken off to prevent them from hurting the tomb owners. His majesty said to him: In the Middle Kingdom, he was worshipped in all of Egypt.


Ebers Papyruscol. For this reduced system avoids communication and hence fossilizes out of the lack of new input and the absence of auto-regulation. The Hermopolitan scheme is magical, for the true magician like Pharaoh finds his origin not in the pantheon, but before the Enneads. They realized that in sleep and dreams, one experiences these depths as a psychic reality in which one may encounter gods and the deceased alike. During the late predynastic period, there were contacts between Egypt and Mesopotamia.

O Osiris the King, I split open your mouth for you with the Mwgic will go to the place whence I came, to satisfy thy heart concerning that, on account of which thou comest Hekx is the most revered star gate for very high-energy resources and cosmic powers.

Andamanese and San shamans ascended in visionary flights to the heavens on the back of rainbow serpents.

Dynasty VI is hence transitional. It was best to treat them with reverence. As mentioned, the kings from Hierakonpolis later to be knows as the “Followers of Horus” conquered and annexed the kingdom of Naqada in terminal predynastic times.

In the 20th century, after the creation of a new way of witchcraft and paganism called Wicca, the topic of magic from ancient Egypt became even more popular. The magician speaks and it is the divine that speaks through him.