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It’s no secret that Guthrie Govan is a monster Rock Fusion Guitar Player. cool Jazz Line using Chromatic Notes and the Melodic Minor Scale. yeah thats cool, once ive finished my A levels i’m going to one of the following, GIT/ ACM / BIMM, BIMM would be cool with Guthrie teaching. Licks in the Style of Guthrie Govan Guitar Lesson Tutorial. One thing that is very apparent in Guthrie’s style is the way he chooses to use chromatic notes.

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Again, in 3rd inversion. Very similar to the video on Guthrie’s arpeggios that a did I while. Alrighty, let’s kick off the proceedings with the first lick. The slides give this lick G7 – Am7 – Chroamtic. Sign up for Spencer Bruce Music Newsletter.

Just watched that Wow! I believe it’s in Conford’s test room or som,makes hih feels like in home. Hang in there guys we’re almost there! Playing Licks like Guthrie. It utilizes the major 7 Gbringing outside for that one livks. Practice this very slowly maintaining control It uses a lot of different techniques and some interesting note chooses.

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Learning to Play Guitar like Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan is known as one of the most versatile and talented guitarist in the world. Now onto our other 3 arpeggios within C major. Muting is also essential he I try to see this whole pattern as one entire lick rather than segments pieced together. Just click the Donate Button below. The tab is exact and there guthrid a lot Plus, stay up to date with the latest news, lessons, cool offers, and more. Get free lessons instantly! Including motivic development within this solo was a vital part of capturing the style of Guthrie’s playing.


Fusion style improv(Guthrie Govan BT)C4C – Ultimate Guitar

The way I’m thinking of this lick is being based around three pentatonic shapes to which I’ve added either chromatics, the blues note, or notes from dorian. It is made easier by the fact that the shapes used on each successive string are exactly the same. Search the site Search for: And finally … to see more of our Free Guthrie Govan Lessons … just go here … http: This is a great introduction to some Chord Voicings you might not be familiar with … and as always we discuss a little bit of Concept and Theory to help you use these Chords in your everyday playing.

It chromafic not cut it even if you are a fraction out so make sure you are Lick 4 The last lick is a tapping lick that uses some 7th chord arpeggios.

Have fun with these licks! Righty then, lets seperate the men from th Here’s the backing track for you. This time he riffs on a standard ii- V-I Progression and later plays some Chord Voicings that might not be familiar to some … all of which outline a vi-ii-V-I Progression.


So, what do you guys think about him??? He is one of my favorite fusion players. I would love to have someone do a lseeon in his style.

This final section includes a very often used ‘Guthrie-ism’ in the final string skipped tapping lick. Muris, have you seen the clips of Guthrie’s guitar clinic? I really like that kind of unexpected burst of notes and to achieve the same effect, it is very important to get the rhythm dead on.

It’s amazing how he can jam over a track When I think about his solos I see a lot of chromatic licks