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Fastest Way to Learn GRE High Frequency Word List. Long since GRE came into picture, students have had a tough time remembering words. More so since the. With so many seemingly equally potent GRE word lists and Vocab lists, it often becomes difficult to narrow down on one GRE word list that would solve all their. The Wordbot keeps track of your level of mastery on a given word. It also keeps a track of when you last revised a word. It thus creates personalized wordlists.

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Preferred Time Wordlistt 10am to 11am 11am to 12noon 12noon to 1pm 1pm to 2pm 2pm to 3pm 3pm to 4pm 4pm to 5pm 5pm to 6pm 6pm to 7pm 7pm to 8pm 8pm to 9pm.

A recommended learning order — As I mentioned earlier, learning the GRE words in an alphabetical order is found to be ineffective in most cases.

WordBot by GREedge

We have a solution for that too! How do I prepare for GRE vocabulary? The design of the app helps in retaining the words for long term. You can add any note that helps your remember the word – a usage statement, an incident, or a mnemonic. Prioritize these if you are running out of time. worflist

GRE Word List – Master GRE Words with unique techniques | GREedge

Important or high frequency words are marked for quick revision. Pronunciation — If you say out loud, and say it properly, the word becomes easier to remember. I would definitely recommend you to go for the WordBot app. Once you understand this well, you will find it easy to master as well as remember them.


GRE Word List – Theme based

It thus creates personalized wordlists and makes it convenient to master the wordlists. So, as we can see this nifty tool checks every single box of our checklist and offers more. This in turn helps us to learn the original word. Need assistance for your GRE preparation?

Apart from the articles that you feed into the App, we have also loaded many editorial like articles on various subjects such as politics, society, personality etc. Figure of Speech — The GRE Word List should ideally provide the figure of speech of the wordlisr, so that it becomes easier not just to remember but also understand worlist word properly. Word Bot You can learn new words easily by remembering pictures associated with the word.

The WordBot app has a lot of positives though. Designed to Simplify Vocabulary Building!

GRE Word List with Usage and Context

Learning words associated with a particular theme will help you master with ease, as well as learn to differentiate related words. GRE’s verbal section contains words the ETS thinks should be familiar to graduates from course work or additional reading.

You can just open the above link from any browser from any device and all your learning data will be saved in servers, allowing you to learn seamlessly across devices. It is like your personal word learning diary. Covering all the words starting from the first to the last itself is mind-boggling. If the word and its definition is accompanied by a related picture, it becomes easier to remember, easier to understand and more exciting to learn GRE words.


This will help you in Reading Comprehension as well. The Application has a game-like feel for stress-free learning, yet is quite powerful.

Play quizzes to test your memory. It can be accessed from anything via your smartphone, your tablet woedlist your laptop.

To learn more wordilst vocabulary building for a high verbal score Click Here. Answered Oct 23, Figure of Speech — The vocabulary list should ideally provide the figure of speech of the word, so that it becomes easier greedte just to remember but also understand the word properly. A recommended learning order — As I mentioned earlier, learning the GRE words in an alphabetical order is found to be ineffective in most cases.

Understand the right usage. It requires you to spend enough time learning words and expanding your vocabulary base apart from practicing various question types. Learn a word completely – its definition, synonyms, antonyms. WordBot keeps a track of your level of mastery on different words and creates personalized word lists based on your performance in the tests and the days elapsed since you last revised a word.

Best Universities For Popular Courses. The Theme based wordlist and Picture based learning method is by far the best feature of WordBot.