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The sixteen official documents—constitutions, decrees, and declarations—of the Second Vatican Council are now available from Liturgical. GRAVISSIMUM EDUCATIONIS Declaration of the Second Vatican Council on Christian education. The focus of this declaration is mainly threefold. It tells all. Study and Discussion Guide. Gravissimum Educationis. The Declaration on Christian Education. Vatican Council II. Promulgated by Pope Paul VI. October 28 .

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Catholic Schools The influence of educatonis Church in the field of education is shown in a special manner by the Catholic school. It further exhorts the sons of the Church to give their attention with generosity to the entire field of education, having especially in mind the need of extending very soon the benefits of a suitable education and training to everyone in all parts of the world.

Therefore, though primary and secondary schools, the foundation of education, must still be fostered, great importance is to be attached to those which are required in a particular way by contemporary conditions, such as: Let them do all they can to stimulate their students to act for themselves and even after graduation to continue to assist them with advice, friendship and by establishing special associations imbued with the true spirit of the Church.

The Duties and Rights of Parents Parents who have the primary and inalienable right and duty to educate their children must enjoy true educstionis in their choice of graivssimum.

Since the destiny of society and of the Church itself is intimately linked with the progress of young people pursuing higher studies, 33 the pastors of the Church are to expend their energies not only on the spiritual life of students who attend Catholic universities, but, solicitous for the spiritual formation of all their children, they must see to it, after consultations between bishops, that even at universities that are not Catholic there should be associations and university centers under Catholic auspices in which priests, religious and laity, carefully selected and prepared, should give abiding spiritual and intellectual assistance to the youth of the university.

Since parents have given children their life, they are bound by the most serious obligation to educate their offspring and therefore must be recognized as the primary and principal educators.

April 17, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Likewise it is the role of these very faculties to make more penetrating inquiry into the various aspects of the sacred sciences so that an ever deepening understanding of sacred Revelation is obtained, dducationis legacy of Christian wisdom handed down by our forefathers is more fully developed, the dialogue with our separated brethren and with non-Christians is fostered, and answers are given to questions arising from the development of doctrine.


The sacred synod earnestly entreats young people themselves to become aware of the importance of the work of education and to prepare themselves to take it up, especially where because of a shortage of teachers the education of youth is in jeopardy. Foremost among these is catechetical instruction, 16 which enlightens and strengthens the faith, nourishes life according to the spirit of Christ, grxvissimum to intelligent and active participation in the liturgical mystery 17 and gives motivation for apostolic activity.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Let parents, then, recognize the inestimable importance a truly Christian family has for the life and progress of God’s own people. Or to put the issue in more provocative terms: Since science advances educationjs means of the investigations peculiar to higher scientific studies, special attention should be given in Catholic universities and colleges to institutes that serve primarily the development of scientific research.

With the decline in standards in so many schools in our time, this understanding that the parents, after all, are really the responsible teachers, did not come along any too soon.

Gravissimum Educationis: Declaration on Christian Education by Second Vatican Council

Comments are published at our discretion. In those schools dependent on her she intends that by gravissmum very constitution individual subjects be pursued according to their own principles, method, and liberty of scientific inquiry, in such a way that an ever deeper understanding in these fields may be obtained and that, as questions that are new and current are raised and investigations carefully made according to the example educationsi the doctors of the Church and especially of St.

Therefore children and young people must be helped, with the aid of the latest advances in psychology and the arts and science of teaching, to develop harmoniously their physical, moral and intellectual endowments so that they may gradually acquire a mature sense of responsibility in striving endlessly to form their own lives properly and in pursuing true freedom as they surmount the vicissitudes of life with courage and constancy.

Christianity makes a educatoonis on every aspect of human life.

Therefore in every university let the various faculties work mutually to this end, insofar as their goal will permit. Between pupils of different talents and backgrounds it promotes friendly relations and fosters a spirit of mutual understanding; and it establishes as it were grvaissimum center whose work and progress must be shared together by families, teachers, associations of various types that foster cultural, civic, and religious life, as well as by civil society and the entire human community.

Consequently this sacred synod proclaims anew what has already been taught in several documents of the magisterium, gravissimum namely: Today, this atmosphere animated by the Gospel is increasingly rarified. Therefore the state must protect the right of children to an adequate school education, check on the ability of teachers and the excellence of their training, look after the health of the pupils and in general, promote the whole school project.


Abbie rated it it was amazing Jul 15, At a time when by pretty general agreement many schools have become so bad, the home schooling movement has arisen out of the concerns of knowledgeable and responsible edicationis, who rightly wish more for their children than many schools today are providing.

And the pool of potential students may also be shrinking. Therefore ecclesiastical faculties should reappraise their own laws so that they can better promote the sacred sciences and those linked with them and, by employing up-to-date methods and aids, lead their students to more penetrating inquiry. Discourses, Messages, Conversations1, Rome, pp. Discourses and Radio Messages15, pp.

The landscape of Catholic education and of religion in general has changed dramatically in the 50 years since the promulgation of G ravissimum Educationis Declaration on Christian Education. The Church is concerned also with schools of a higher level, especially colleges and universities. Refresh and try again. This is possible by the witness of the lives of those who teach and direct them, by the apostolic action of their fellow-students, 23 but especially by the ministry of priests and laymen who give them the doctrine of salvation in a way suited to their age and circumstances and provide spiritual aid in every way the times and conditions allow.

These principles will have to be developed at greater length by a special post-conciliar commission and applied by episcopal conferences to varying local situations.

Several changes resulted from the council, including the renewal of consecrated life with a revised charism, ecumenical efforts towards dialogue with other religions, and the call to holiness for everyone including the laity, according to Pope Paul VI “the most characteristic and ultimate purpose of the teachings grsvissimum the Council”.

Regarding the principle of subsidiarity, cf.

Gravissimum Educationis: Declaration on Christian Education

The influence of the Church in the field of education is shown in a special manner by the Catholic school. Hot Topics marriage middle east abortion. It increases more and more to supply the demand on a diocesan, national and international level. But it also aims to help Christians conform their lives to the Gospel and to use their natural abilities to contribute to the good of society. Steve Sherman rated it it was gravssimum Dec 19, Sheilla Marie added it Nov 05, Discourses, Messages and Conversations1, Rome,pp.

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