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Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a The novels chronicle the adventures of a Dwarven Slayer named Gotrek Gurnisson and his poet/insurrectionist companion, Felix . Ulrika Magdova is a vampire, formerly a Kislevite noblewoman and Felix’s former love interest. Ulrika Magdova was a major character in the Gotrek and Felix series, as she was appearance in Vampireslayer and return in Manslayer) – Ulrika the Vampire. Vampireslayer (Warhammer: Gotrek and Felix, book 6) by William King – book cover, description, publication history.

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The killer, a vampire named Adolphus Kriegeris in the city to recover an ancient artifact called the Eye of Khemri.

However, Max’s knowledge proves invaluable as the group find themselves in battle with the forces of Chaos. I’d get it if it was huge moral issue for him, or it pained him greatly, or there was some huge unforeseen circumstance, but slsyer.

Gotrek and Felix – Wikipedia

The books are notable for the fact that in the largely grim and depressing world of Warhammer FantasyGotrek and Felix usually manage to make a real difference in the fight of Order vs. Jan 19, Bodicainking rated it really liked it. More I want more. Wandering around my used bookstore, I stumbled upon an old paperback from He came close to his goal in the novel Skavenslayernearly conquering the city of Nuln, but the constant intervention of Gotrek and Felix thwarted his plans, forcing him to flee.

The dwarf slays the werewolf girl, along with her father, because the taint of chaos cannot be bargained with in any way. While not the most original of Warhammer tales and lacking the polish of the modern titles-it nonetheless entertained. Having committed a crime so terrible that only death in battle will serve as atonement, Gotrek has fought and slain numerous monsters, including hordes of orcs and Skaven, a giant, trolls, Chaos warlords and sorcerers, an entire Black Ark of Naggaroth and even a Bloodthirster of Khorne, and unfortunately in his mind lived to fight another day.

Still love the series.

Gotrek & Felix: Vol.2

In this series of books the duo fight; chaos worshipers, goblin wol Gotrek is a slayer dwarf, one who has committed a sin so great the only atonement is seeking out an death in battle worthy of an epic. Meanwhile Adolphus Krieger vampire and Roche henchman have being trying to get hold of a talisman called the Eye of Khemri.


Thanquol has vowed to one day find and kill the pair for the many indignities they have brought on him, along with the loss of his health, sanity and his right hand which was chopped off by Gotrek’s axe in Thanquol’s last encounter with the pair.

The outlandishness and impossibility of the tales in question have brought most of its readers, including Otto, to believe it to be pure fiction. Though reluctant to trust her, Felix agrees to work with her and confides in Max and later Gotrek.

In a vision of the Slayer’s past seen by Arek Demonclaw, it is shown that after returning from his first incursion into the Chaos Wastes, Gotrek found his wife and children dead. This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat Almost a quarter of the population lies dead and another quarter is expected to die since winter is coming and hunger and disease at it’s footsteps. This apparent contradiction is rooted in the nature of the Slayer Oath.

slzyer Learning of the group’s involvement through his servant Osrik, Krieger has his underlings launch a diversionary attack on Andriev’s manor while he steals in to take the Eye.

Mar 18, Jason rated it really liked it.

Games Workshop February Length: To my surprise it gotre a Warhammer book. The scene is set for a large showdown at a gloomy castle. However, the stand out aspect of this book for me was the evocative and convincing role of magic, which has a flavour all of its own.

Felix, bound to him by a Dwarven blood-oath sworn after a drinking binge, is tasked with writing and recording his heroic exploits and ultimately his death. While staying overnight at an inn, Gabriella reveals to Felix that she herself is a vampire and the one who turned Krieger.

Yeoman rated it liked it Dec 06, Dec 16, Le Petit Chat rated it liked it.

One of their members, Ulrika Magdova, is taken by the vampire. Great book with great story. Over years of following Gotrek, Felix has become an accomplished swordsman and duelist.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The vision then shows Gotrek in the court of an unnamed dwarf lord, and Gotrek arguing with the said lord.

Thanquol first came to prominence when he took command of the armies of the Skaven Clan Skab after his predecessor, Warlord Vermak Skab perished in a ‘ tragic accident ‘ involving a loaded crossbow and an exploding donkey and used them for his own ends. In the first book, at the very end, Felix is helped by a werewolf girl who is oppressed by her father.


The second omnibus recounting the tales of the old world’s greatest dwarf and human pairing: Though Thanquol thinks himself a tactical genius, a mighty sorcerer and a brave leader, Thanquol is, like all Skaven, a maniacal egotist and a complete coward who flees at the first sign of trouble.

In this case the three heroes would fight like one and Gotrek and Josef would serve Grombrindal as shieldbearers. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. I was a little dissapointed with the vampire snd, not completely dull and traditional, but I’ve always found a lot of vampires in fiction to be trite and stale. A bit of a let down for me, this sixth book. While it is true he has vampige sorcerous skill and great cunning, Thanquol prefers to leave the dirty work to his underlings: This will be my last Gotrek and Felix slaydr.

Felix is a poet and swordsman who is wanted by the Empire for his participation in the window tax riots. Now, in the Warhammer universe, the innocent are often guilty by association in a very real way. They encounter a Ghoul in the town of Waldenhof and Countess Telix and her men join their pursuit of Krieger, whom they have learned is a vampire and necromancer who plans to use the Eye to gain dominion over other vampires and raise an army of Undead.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Fast forward to book 6, what I just finished. Apr 03, Paul rated it it was amazing Shelves: While celebrating the victory they swore that they would come back and save their Dwarf brothers again if there was real need.

Max magically examines the Eye of Khemri and falls into a coma after triggering a trap left by the Eye’s creator, Nagash. A relic of the Knights of the Order of the Fiery Heart, it was forged for the purpose of slaying dragons.