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Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. . folder; Tortoise SVN: add the folder ” glscene” manually so you have lazarus/components/glscene. In GLScene the universe or 3D world is called a scene. We will learn how to start a basic GLScene application and how to control .. Tecplot User’s Manual.

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Polygon knows which surrounding polygons are attached to which side of it. Each object can emit particles. Normal is a vector pointing in front direction of the face. Points are called nodes here.


They will be represented by red, green and blue dotted lines both design and run time. The playing field will be represented by array of singles: With this component any true type fonts will be displayed correctly but you have to use some common fonts that will most likely be installed on the target computer.

After successful compilation there will be four new component tabs. I chose this example to show you how powerful GLScene is.

Ad Delphi Library Path. Lightmaps, Z-shadows or shadow volumes for instance.

You will have to scroll to the right in order to see them or rearrange the tabs. Choose this method if you want to have the latest version of GLScene and check frequently for changes and updates. You must assign it to TGLScene. The player can move with them left and right and rotate them clockwise and counterclockwise.


It is called CVS root. TGLPoints You can create array of points or just one point with this object. Otherwise looked like it works, did only test one example and went to bed. With some tweaking that is all you need to make Tetris game.


If the point has size 3 it will be represented by 3 pixels on screen whether the point may be close to the camera or far away from the camera. This Sidebar appears everywhere on your wiki.

Perspective does not apply here. I am sure there are a lot of spelling and grammatical errors as well as many GLScene related mistakes. They work together with GLScene Utils components. We will define five possible user actions: This technique is great for smoke or explosion effects but you have to make the bitmap yourself.

But I have never done it and I don’t know if the functionality remains the same. Points can be rounded or squared and antialiased. Children — Not shown in object inspector. This is important because absolute position is real position in world coordinate system while Position is position relative to the parent. Lights do not cast shadows. Pitch ; inpRotateR: Now I suggest you go back to GLScene demos.


Moderation Process Reminder

Write narrative story for Tetris — now that is a challenge! I am not going to write only some code, I will mainly focus on structure and design of the game. Another format is Halflife smd. Those mahual have to be registered in the scene clearly saying where the objects position in the scene hierarchy is. Ideal frame rate is 30 frames glsceen second. There are two kinds of ODE behaviors: Insert image from URL.

FAQ Install

The game will start manial after the program is launched or it will wait for the user to press a key. Material library has one handy function: Add particle effects, sky box, lens flare. TGLPlane Plane is a single quad. There are also sections that I don’t know anything about or I’m not familiar enough with.

During game a label will show number of achieved points. The limit is only your imagination. The game will take place in two dimensional grid just like old Tetris. It is called CVS root. Just unpack it wherever you want your GLScene to reside. What does it mean? Common object properties All objects have some properties that you will use frequently. Creating new class