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Gladys Aylward was born short in size and short in worldly status but what was lacking in height and social standing she made up for in. Gladys May Aylward was born in north London on February 24, , and grew up a high-spirited, happy child. “She remembered her father coming home,”. She is author her autobiography entitled Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman. The film Inn of the Sixth Happiness, is loosely based on events from her life.

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Although she had signed an agreement with 20th Century-Fox, she felt her work was cheapened by biographt story, which distorted events and was changed to include a love scene.

Any man who tells you to do it aglward to prison at once; that’s the law now. Aylward was rescued from beneath the rubble. After a few days of rest in the town of Mien Chu, Aylward and the children continued their journey by foot and by rail, then crossed another mountain range until they finally reached Sian in late April She remained convinced, however, that God meant her to serve in China.

Lawson was seeking a young person to help her continue her work. For many years the young girls of upper class Chinese families had their feet bound even in infancy so that as they grew their foot was abnormally bent and shortened. A film based on her life, The Inn of the Sixth Happinesswas released in He can open the river for us.


Ten days later, she crossed into Siberia. However, within a few days after their arrival, Gladys became seriously ill with typhus fever.

Gladys Aylward, Missionary To China

The perilous trip took her across Siberia with the Trans-Siberian Railway. While that story may or not be true, it was not only Gladys Aylward’s appearance that helped her in her work as a missionary in China, but also her total dedication to God and her adopted country.

Though she made many friends in London’s Chinese community, she did not feel at home in England. She stayed for biograpjy short while in Hong Kong, working among the refugees from Communism, and went later that same year to the island of Formosa, known today as Taiwan, which was the home of Free China. Retrieved 24 May Boography penniless and living among the people she helped, she was driven by a compassion for human suffering. Her siblings were Laurence and Violet.

When they arrived at the Yellow River and needed to cross they discovered that this would be almost impossible since local boat owners were hiding their craft to prevent Japanese seizure.

Lawson was in a mission at Tsechow in Shensi Shaanxi province, north of the Yellow River in northwest China, many weeks away by train, bus, and mule. She didn’t try to inflict Christian morality. A freelance writer since the early s, she has published in Christian.

She would be working with dark, short statured people – exactly like she was!

ay,ward There, the five-foot, pound Aylward wandered the streets, talking to the homeless, penniless women and girls, and led them back to the hostel run by the mission for down-and-outs. The younger prostitutes thanked her; the older ones began treating her with “tolerant amusement.


Gladys Aylward, The Little Woman. She has a call to serve God—she is sincere and courageous—but we cannot take the responsibility of sending a woman of 26, with such limited Christian experience and education, to China.

She calmed the glafys and after consulting them returned the warden to report their grievances. He succeeded and after Gladys and the children crossed they successfully reached the orphanage.

Gladys Aylward – Wikipedia

As the situation grew worse and the Chinese army was preparing to retreat, Aylward organized another large group of orphans and had them taken to safety nearby. There, she was told that Mrs. The Mandarin led the survivors into a mountain retreat, and at the same time announced that because of Gladys’ life witness he had decided to adopt her faith. Within a short time the mule teams stopped on their own and while their stories brought only a few converts, it was a beginning.

Aylward, Gladys (1902–1970)

One held her clothes; the other contained corned beef, fish, beans, crackers, soda biscuits, rye crisp, tea, coffee, hard-boiled eggs, a sauce pan, a kettle, and an alcohol stove.

Gladys Aylward had biographhy “much face. Retrieved from ” https: In she returned to England where she continued to evangelize until she settled in Taiwan and set up an orphanage where she died in