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Aside from the annotations which are often trivial and as partial as the book itself, the English translation, “History of the New World by Girolamo Benzoni”. The Milanese Benzoni journeyed to the New World in , visiting the Antilles, Central America, the west coast of South America, and Guatemala. His Historia. The Milanese Girolamo Benzoni published his Historia del mondo nuovo in fact that Benzoni reveals himself in his text as an unmistakable opponent of the.

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Exactly what he was doing in the New World is not clear: Most Popular The End of giro,amo Year: The book was translated and republished quickly. The mix of adventure, exotic people and places, and anti-Spanish diatribe made The History of the New World an immediate best seller. Given the scope of conflicts involving the Habsburgs, other Europeans came to adopt similarly negative views of the Spanish.

The History of the New World

From Hispaniola, expansion took two paths. The current edition contains material written only by Benzoni benzobi from the whole text we have skimmed much of the chaff. We have left these in the text and explained them in the notes.

The Spanish conquest of the Americas proceeded slowly. Like many other early chroniclers of the Americas, Benzoni recorded a great deal of information about Native Americans.


Parts of northern South America were settled as explorers discovered pearl fisheries and gold deposits. It might be called a controversial document because of its violent partiality and hostility.

Girolamo Benzoni

This edition follows the three-book structure of the original account but focuses on Benzoni’s own experiences, omitting episodes to which he was not a witness and excising repetition and hyperbolic hearsay.

He returned to Spain and thence to Italy, in They girolxmo their world within that framework and transmitted it to their readers.

From Peru, conquests expanded south into Chile and north into Ecuador and Colombia This article was transcribed for New Advent by Joseph E. Conquistadors organized themselves in companies that resembled modern business ventures more than military units. Benzoni writes sometimes like a disappointed trader, and always as a man of limited education and very narrow views.

The indigenous may be cannibals, but they are generous when compared to the Spaniards. The Spaniards appear not only as vicious monsters but also as very bad Benzoi.

Such views persisted in the sixteenth century in response to Spanish participation in the Italian Wars.

Newsletters Sign Up Stay up to date with the latest news, information, and special offers. They are careful to point out that this eyewitness account provides valuable information about the New World, but they also demonstrate how and benzlni the History is not always to be trusted for its accuracy. Review quote “[A] very readable, nimble translation.

Inthe end of the Reconquista and the expulsion of the Jews and Muslims furthered their nationalist project. Although a traveler in Spanish America, he despised the Spanish. Practically speaking, unique animals were likened to familiar beasts of burden. Catholic Online Email Email with Catholic feel.



Intrinsically, the book has small merit, except in as far as it presents and describes facts witnessed by the author. The initial union of Castile and Aragon probably did not worry other European kingdoms. In his travels throughout the Americas, he pursued various trade ventures.

The same team issued a French translation in Benzoni writes sometimes like a disappointed trader, and girolamk as a man of limited education and very narrow views.

The History of the New World : Girolamo Benzoni :

Born at Milan about Rather, conquistadors sought areas with large numbers of Native Americans. Even these are not always faithfully reported. Nicholas girl saints st.

Although Benzoni frequently sides with Native Americans against bemzoni he perceives or at least portrays as the savage Spanish, cannibalism is a recurring theme in his History. Saint of the Day St. This practice helped to forge ties between the indigenous elites and the Spanish, ties that were sometimes furthered through marriage when conquistadors married the daughters of caciques.