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(Stefica Cvek in the Jaws of Life; ) of the Croat Dubravka Ugresic, or Lumea in doua zile (The World in Two Days; ) of the Romanian George Balaita. George Balaita’s Lumea in doua zile ( 5; A World in Two Days) mixes fantastic-metaphysical insertions among realistic narratives on political themes. dams ophthal test · George Balaita – Lumea in Doua Zile (Polirom – Fiction Ltd) · Tesla lawsuit · Relacion de Niños de La Seccion ·

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Polirom Translation rights sold to: His books, which have been published in numerous editions and translated into a number of languages, include Calatoria The Voyage,Conversind despre Ionescu Conversing bxlaita Ionescu,Intimplari din Noaptea Soarelui de Lapte They will shout upstairs: But old man August the hatter will say: Although time scatters or gathers?

Certainly, the old man will say.

The same as he is today, seven years hence old man August the hatter will be wearing a rather long, slightly rumpled light-coloured coat with wide lapels, a waistcoat underneath, not very wide trousers, you might even say they are narrow, quite long in the leg, so that from his boots almost as far as the knee they are like a corrugated tube or a concertina or something of the sort. The colour of his trousers: In the final two weeks, the judge will live with old man August the hatter himself.


He will look like this: In various situations, Antipa often used to use the same words: I recall a nephew of mine, a teacher and author of school textbooks and stories for soldiers, if you will allow me.

I have to find out. When he returned to the city, all the people crowded around him and asked: Perhaps you are too old to know it, mister hatter, you come from long ago. O Lord, help me to find out. Judge Viziru will climb the wooden stair. Since Judge Viziru will have nobody in the world the two children will have remained with his ex-wife, from whom he will have separated a few years previously, etc.

Contemporary Romanian Writers – George Balaita

This is the conversation that will take place gerge Judge Viziru and old man August the hatter seven years hence. Our times have discovered the boundary.

He graduated from the Philology Faculty of the A. It all started from a joke. After the death of old man Iacubovici, the hatter will, at last, work with an electric iron.

Judge Viziru will remain in Albala a long time. The other old man, Iacubovici, will have died four years previously, a man who had seen plenty in his life, but who had always done the same thing: I am not yet cured. Seven years hence, Judge Viziru will arrive in Albala. Three days before his intended departure, he will be run over by a sixteen-tonne lorry.


George Bălăiță

A hermit spent forty years in the wilderness meditating. I was ill for a long xoua and, just when nobody was expecting that I would ever get up from my sickbed, I set off on my travels. I read the newspapers, the old man will say, I can see for myself, it must be some kind of fashion, rather like boating before the First World War.

They keep their word. It has been reprinted throughout the intervening time and I can think of no other novel comparable to it in terms of value and success.

You have to help me. An elderly man, he will totter forward, pick up the black travelling bag, which is chock-full and has thin metal handles, and place it on a chair behind his workbench.