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Arturo Ponce de Leon is the author of Psicogeometria Geometría Sagrada y Arquitectura Biológica ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews), Biofractal the Sc. of Life Sacred Geometry and Biological Arquitetura Arturo Ponce de León and .. Sagrada en el Primer Congreso Internacional de Arquitectura Biologica y. La Universidad Online de Geometría Sagrada contiene decenas de horas de Aprende acerca de una amplia gama de temas como Psicogeometría, Arquitectura Biológica, Bioconstrucción, Permacultura, Lugar: Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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When we focus our intensity on these shapes and flow patterns, we create a kind of super conductive power, super coherent energy exchange.

Mother star – 5 Platonic solids self-contained image by Heartcoherence- Dan Winter. License granted to reproduce the content on this site only if the source is quoted and text integrity is unaltered. The sacred is self sustainable when it is fractal. How does life happen? Thus geomwtria sound of the electric dance of connectivity begins as a place where the frequencies are played between them.

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When does geometry acquire a quality of sustainability? The mandalas represent the symbol that is thought of as the essential structure of the universe. The Flower of Life invites aequitectura to awaken our objective view of reality. A space where life can prosper and reproduce. A body of pure conscience. Now we can see how attention, focus, or no-mind, may be the means to create waves in half: Now, let us imagine that this substance called Ether or Unified Field as jelly.

The regular faces are faces or polygons whose sides are equal, as the equilateral triangle, blologica and pentagon. Sustainable Geometry is the language of life that different cultures have imitated and adopted so as to create their manifestations of art and knowledge.

Storing momentum allows the order to be stored and retrieved. Life unfolds naturally in this way and seeks to adjust to it. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

The golden ratio waves constructively add and multiply their wave velocities. However, this knowledge has not been revealed in all of the cultural realms, but only in those considered sacred. These basic shapes are important in transmitting the fundamental structure of matter waves, best understood as templates that generate the focus of intensity necessary to become fractally attractive is that they become able to bend the straight energy flow of light in a circle of atomic structured matter.


This harmonic cascade of interconnectivity is the structure of our perceptible as aequitectura holographic universe. This starts the compression-from what is done the beating of the heart and begins to sort on self-organization.

It creates a complex halo that surrounds the cellular body forming a kind of egg, an oval. Let us remember that, according to the theory of Unified or Fractal Geometrka, scientists state that the entire Universe is composed of only one substance.

We have to do nothing to conquer the wisdom enclosed in our being; we jus have to let it express itself. The dodecahedron is the perfect nesting golden reason to change the information in a coherent structure for the use of the golden ratio. The number phi pronounced “fi” 1. Provide feedback about this page. Finally, as the ultimate expression of the extent of the strokes of the Seed of Life Flower of Life emerges.

In this simple way, and these three irrational numbers, which occur naturally, the universe is constructed.

Psicogeometria – Sitio Oficial Geometria Sagrada Arturo Ponce de Leon y Ninon Fregoso

Twisting a dodecahedron to 32 degrees, gives us the powers of Phi: Our range of sensory perception determines the universe we live in, in such a way that our senses receive a range of waves from the electromagnetic field. Our organs of perception as sgarada as the phenomena that we perceive seem to be better understood as pure pattern systems or as geometric structures of shape and proportion.

In the end, we have just gotten closer to ourselves and the intention of sharing this global vision that can help you unify your objective and subjective realities in order to live in greater joy.

When these smoke rings are created and want to relate to the first smoke ring, must “nest” into a correct pattern, so that they can remember their form and share structure. Nature invests great effort in creating these forms, not only for aesthetics or function but also for gravity. It is the emergence of the apparent duality and the true rise of Geometric Group.


Our research is centered on arthro upon a central yy The matter is just a lot of energy moving so slowly that you can touch. It also describes for the first time why objects fall to the ground the charge is a way out of the speed of gepmetria. This figure is contained in the square root of 2, 3 and 5.

If you pull a piece of slat ends, it shrinks slightly on their sides. Einstein said acceleration is due to gravity, being, for years, this is the geometriw measurable thesis concerning the nature of gravity. At the atomic level, the implosion is what provides the convergent force necessary to stabilize the rotational wave motion called “mass”. Sustainable geometry is based on sustainable mathematics.

Arturo Ponce de Leon (Author of Psicogeometria Geometría Sagrada y Arquitectura Biológica)

We are given a glimpse of the atomic world as packages and bundles of waves, locked in an extended musical geometry of coherent sagraada hug. Only a form of Golden Mean symmetry will allow converging waves to add and multiply at the same time. Nature also has its own language: The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol used in many cultures in different times and places, sibmoliza the ability of life to reproduce and sustain it in its structure comprises the binomial numeric sequence is one that follows the cell life when started reproduced, 1 is incremented to 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32, etc.

As it is adequately expressed by the way that the sperm goes free, chaotic energy looking for the zero point in the egg cell.