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The present book authored by Genet Ayele reveals that Colonel Mengistu is writing a book about his life, the Revolution and Ethiopian history. Firmness by Major General Hussein Ahmed, and Reminiscences of Lt. Mengistu Haile Mariam, by. Genet Ayele Anbessie. The Red Terror was unleashed by the. The book was written by Genet Ayele, a former journalist who used to own the company publishing Beza and other magazines in Addis Ababa.

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It is regrettable that he discredits her name instead of saying a few nice words for her effort. These qualities of yours should be appreciated and be recorded in Ethiopian history. You have declared in this book and elsewhere that the interest of Ethiopia precedes that of individuals.

My contention is that, you could have minimized the death-toll, had you cared much to preserve human life. Is this a slander or true? The book had been both a printing success and a source of controversy. I know only one thing- your family has benefited much from it.

Without her, he would probably have collapsed, unable to bear all the pressure exerted on him. Please enter your comment! Amharic is a language that has alphabets which is a bit difficult to use the regular English keyboard. Yes, you vindicated yourself and appeased your ego. As such, the partition of Eritrea from Ethiopia and all the ethnic upheaval that followed would have been averted.

Even I, who was in Europe then used to predict that your next victim would be Colonel Atnafu. You yourself accepted this economic policy pressured by the demand of the times and attempted to apply it towards the end of your regime. You were sober and decisive at critical moments such as the invasion of Ethiopia by Somalia.


Mereja Forum

These interviews add some more facts to our knowledge of these subjects. He helped you to join the army and also to win a short scholarship for a military training in the USA. How was growing up in Ethiopia? All of you including Ayels are pointing your fingers at Mengistu for whatever bad happened in Ethiopia and we found out that you lied to us. Their properties were confiscated.

Even though your interpretation and perspective of Ethiopian history would be interesting of and in themselves, your own life history should be the focus and the issue. Caught between the makers and the wreckers. Did this hold true for you too? Yes indeed, I am cognizant of the fact that making ayelr revolution is not attending a wedding party. It would have been compelled to share power with the members of the new Ethiopian government.

Nor did you allow your family members and friends to do so. Would the Colonel now put his feet in the shoes of such unfortunate Ethiopians and feel their pain and anguish?

Leaving aside the tens of thousands of people who perished in the cities and war-fronts under your leadership, let me ask you a question about the killings of your own comrades. I wish the author summed up the book by summarizing it in a conclusion stating her personal comments and views on the interviews.

Your mother married another man and lived at Chefe-denssa?

Furthermore, granted all those generals of yours that you executed at the war fronts and cities for imagined and real reasons and for attempting the coups on you, such as General Tariku, General Fenta Belay and the others were treacherous and criminals as you say, why did you have to kill them when you could have kept them in prison indefinitely.?

According to Mengistu, his silence no-comment was on one subject whilst Solomon takes it as a grant. If it broke the deal, it would continue fighting eternally. Given your educational background, you learned a great deal from reality, educated yourself during the Revolution and tried to tackle complex subjects. Ethiopia detains 36 spy officers over corruption, rights abuses. They practiced Judaism like most Ethiopians before the advent of Christianity. How about your legacy and positive qualities?


I find this part to be engaging and mind-stimulating. You are right in saying that most Ethiopians practiced Judaism before the advent of Christianity. Genet, the author, who is living in France, added Wro. Your task is not completed yet as you think it is.

Mengistu Haile Mariam and Memories of the Revolution”part II – Mereja Forum

Whether he would or not the fact that he is as homesick as other refugees is a poetic justice. And Mengist replied comfortably that, his government was serving the colonized citizens of Africans and especially Zimbabweans, thus he makes sure that nobody would betray him for his undeniable acts.

If you really loved Ethiopia more than yourself and your power, you would have relinquished your power for the welfare of Ethiopia when your leadership was beginning to cause the downfall of Ethiopia.

Furthermore, what is wrong if the Professor indeed advised and encouraged her to write a book of this much historical significance on the man who ruled Ethiopia for 17 years, and she thanked him for it, regardless of his political stance and his position gene the Government?

I like your insight here. Endrias an associate of the Government? I could also furnish you with other evidences that your flight was pre-arranged.