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Study of Counterpoint: From Johann Joseph Fux’s Gradus ad Parnassum: Johann Fux, Alfred Mann: Books – The Study of Counterpoint has ratings and 36 reviews. Joel said: Now how you gonna go and front on my boy Fux? Even if you’re not a musician — like. from Johann Joseph Fux’s. The most celebrated book on counterpoint is Fux’s great theo- retical work Gradus ad Parnassum. Since its appearance in

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Even though it is very short, it’s one of those books that is best accompanied with a notebook and pencil, to work through the examples y This is probably THE book on Counterpoint. Bach held it in high esteem, Leopold Mozart trained his famous son from its pages, Haydn worked out every gux with meticulous care, and Beethoven condensed it into an abstract for ready reference.

Out of all the books in dialogue format, this is a pretty entertaining one. Good classic work for studying the theory of counterpoint. I believe JJ Fux’s treatise conterpoint counterpoint is essential to any pupil wishing to learn the craft of tonal composition.

The Study of Counterpoint

All in all a very useful book. Taking the reader step-by-step through the processes involved.

Fantastisch geschreven, in dialoogvorm tussen een ‘meester’ en een leerling, vertrekt dit boek van een cantus firmus zeg maar: This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Counterpount 06, Rahul Prabhakar rated it it was amazing. Dec 10, Bruno rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fux’s work repeated some of Diruta’s, possibly coincidentally, since he is not known to have had a copy. Mar 13, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bach’s personal library of theoretical works.

Haydn largely taught himself counterpoint by reading it and recommended it to the young Beethoven. In the lower counterpoint of the above example, counterpoiht dissonance countdrpoint either approached and left by step as passing notes or is prepared as a suspension and resolved correctly.


Leaps can only be made between two harmony notes: Fux expressed the intention of adding sections on how to write counterpoint for more than four parts, indicating that rules in this area were to be “less rigorously observed”. Fux was famous as a composer throughout this counrerpoint, his fame being countsrpoint only later in the 18th century as the Baroque style died out.

However, analyzing the figures and trying to do them on your own reveals even more about the practice than is put into words in the dialogue. Seems “outdated” as well, I never hear of the cantus firmus in any modern texts.

The only people who should take interest in this book are those interested in the history of music pedagogy. This book shows the basis for classical composition, as this counterpint This book is great for learning counterpoint and the dialogue between the student and master is hilarious but also very informative.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Doing this gave me an deep understanding of the text and Fux’s method.

The Study of Counterpoint | W. W. Norton & Company

While the species approach may have pedagogical benefits the best apologia for which has been written by Alan Belkin in cunterpoint ‘Counterpoint’, although I cannot agree with it; saying, for example, that the first species forces a student to focus on melodic shape is in my opinion misguided, as rhythm is very much part of a melody’s shape.

Jun 06, Roger rated it really liked it. Sometime during this period he must counterrpoint made a trip to Italy, as evidenced by the strong influence of Corelli and Bolognese composers on his work of the time. Views Read Edit View history.

The Study of Counterpoint by Johann Joseph Fux

An incredible book that has survived Un excelente libro que ha sobrevivido la prueba del tiempo. Being able to read music will also help you to hear the musical examples in the book by either playing them on an instrument or singing them yourself. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. And had me lost a huge percentage of the time. Dec 12, Acer Pseudoplantatus rated it did not like it Shelves: About Johann Joseph Fux.


In fourth species, however, the notes are connected with ties and suspensions; Fux calls this species ligature. Oct 15, Nathan Mcfarland rated it it was amazing.

Johann Joseph Fux

By the s he was in Viennaand attracted counterpiint attention of Emperor Leopold I with some masses he composed; the emperor was sufficiently impressed by them to assist him with his career after this point. The examples are not very melodic in nature but will teach you sound counterpoint writing. Furthermore, Mann’s “The Cointerpoint of Counterpoint” is almost like a story of the master Aloysius who is getting too old to teach, and looking for a worthy pupil to carry the torch.

Fix is one of the best sources on counterpoint. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Hell, even the standard renaissance cadences, which are of great structural importance are not thought and are only possible in one of is species.

As mentioned earlier, all dissonance in this species comes from accented passing notes which are approached and left by step. October Learn how and counterpointt to remove this template message. Nice and short, really; of course it is. Dec 04, Namrirru rated it it was amazing Shelves: May 14, Meri rated it it was ok.

It lays a very solid foundation for writing like Bach in the future. Mar 01, Daniel Michalak rated it did not like it.