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Funjet Ultra Power Set – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: grams, 70 odd grams (too many stickers? The Funjet Ultra is the latest version of the very popular Funjet. Many have put the earlier Funjet through its paces. The. Multiplex Funjet Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Multiplex Funjet Building Instructions.

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Assembly of the fuselage starts by opening up a couple of holes for our servo leads to run thru, then attaching our completed wing halves to the fuselage, and finally ulrta the turtledeck. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Discuss this article Printer-friendly version All uptra by this author. Not only is the packing job really nice, Multiplex has done a great job in keeping the part count low.

Mine which is built, but not flown yet, comes in at an AUW of 34oz g with a mAh battery. Oct 18, While the FunJet Ultra is a very stable airplane, and it’s very easy to put together I can’t suggest it for a beginner due to it’s top end speed and nimble handling characteristics. After blasting the FunJet Ultra after around the sky at over miles per hour for 3 or 4 minutes, when it comes time to land it feels like things are happening in slow motion. Got the notice this afternoon that mine has been delivered to my house.

However, we would ask you to check all the parts before you start construction, as we cannot exchange components which you have already worked on. Chubbum We can trim it out. Flying the FunJet Ultra at high speeds is not at all nerve racking thanks mainly to it’s extremely stable handling characteristics.

HITEC FunJet Ultra User Manual – Download

My first attempts at landing the FunJet always resulted in go-arounds as I was carrying too much airspeed, but after about 2 or 3 flights, I was able to start bringing it on on the first try. Channels Airplanes Electric Flight. The brushless motor, ESC, prop, prop adapter, motor mount and related instruction manuals come packaged inside their mamual box separate from the FunJet. Featuring a maximum cont.


The turtledeck requires the installation of a cable retainer and a bit of trimming before it’s glued onto the fuselage. They could have just kept the white Elapor and changed the decals. If you find any part is not acceptable for any reason, we will readily correct or exchange it after gunjet have checked it. Once the turtledeck and main fuselage pieces have been bonded together, install the latch lugs in the canopy so that everything aligns nicely when the canopy is seated in the fuselage, and glue them into place.

No matter how many times I do it, I find my self impressed just how well this plane moves out and how clean it’s lines are. FD Pilot Registered User. Errors and carelessness in building and flying the model can result in serious personal injury and damage to property.

HITEC FunJet Ultra User Manual | Page 8 / 32

As I personally use Deans connectors on all my batteries, I ended up replacing the supplied connectors on the ESC with ones I sourced from my local hobby shop. My wings were a bit of a tight fit, but after slipping the wing in and out a few times the foam loosened funjdt a bit and hltra a nice tight seal with the fuselage.

Thanks for the review. The regular FunJET I used to review a lightweight power system went together quickly, but it took me an entire evening to cut out the doggoned decals. Thanks for the great work. Wingspan mm Fuselage length mm All-up weight approx. Now that the motor is in place on the plane, install your prop adapter, prop and spinner.

Easy assembly Super stable ultrz the air Awesome speed.

Let’s see if we can keep up! High speeds, great handling, and manuzl looks Images View all Images in thread. I have had cunjet funjets and while their are some that use edf to avoid the prop I have never had an incident and the flight performance is impressive.

At this point verify everything is tight, and that your prop is rotating in the right direction. Not only did it provide as a gateway to more relaxed park style flying, it also served as quite a few individuals first foray into the world of speed. Multiplex does an awesome job of laying out their boxes so that the FunJet Ultra takes up the smallest amount of space possible. We are constantly working on improving our models, and for this reason we must reserve the right to change the kit contents in terms of shape or dimensions of parts, technology, materials and fittings, without prior notification.


We live right about sea level. Great review I’m going to have to get one of these.

I saw that your review said 31oz, was that the manufacturers details or the weight of the actual model? Also, make sure you’ve selected high rates for the launch as you’ll want as much aileron throw to counteract that torque roll as possible should you need it.

Jul 01, Psycho Synapse Gravity Fighter. The KV Himax motor has a nice blue anodized finish and utilizes 3 bullet style connectors for attaching it to your ESC.

More fun funjett Google Language Tools: Next, plug your motor into the ESC, and snake the wires thru the fuselage make sure the wires ride within the cable retainer. C – brushless motor. Return to Foamies Kits. Finishing the FunJet Ultra requires one to button up the installation of the fynjet, apply velcro gunjet the floor of the fuselage for battery retention, set the models CG, and check the direction of the control surfaces travel and their throws.

Since we, as manufacturers, have no control over the construction, maintenance and operation of utra products, we hereby expressly point out these hazards and emphasise your personal responsibility.

Love the Zombie tunes! Quite simply put, I don’t think I’ve ever built something in such a short period of time that was capable of so much right out of the box. That should feed the “Ultra” in the FunJets’ manuwl huh?? I had to smile at the part fnujet how it took as long to apply the decals as it did to build the airframe. Please understand that we cannot entertain claims against us if the kit contents do not agree in every respect with the instructions and the illustrations.