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Fritzel FB HF Beam. Read more.. Availability: Out of stock. Backorder possible . € This is not a stock item. Please send an email for expected delivery. Bei den Maßabweichungen schreibt Fritzel Elementlänge ±10mm und bei Abständen ±50mm ohne praktische Beam ist von FB FRITZEL FB Specifications, electrical, 20m-Band, 15m-Band, 10m-Band. Elements, active in band number, 3, 3, 3. Boom Length active for band in use λ.

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Drilling of the rivet and replaced by screw or bolt with nut is than the only fritsel. At this moment they have decided that the SteppIR is an excessive antenna and I may be forced to remove it and get me a smaller antenna name one that does 6 to 40 mtr with a smaller diameter or surface!

In den letzten 20 Jahren hat sich viel in der Antennenentwicklung getan. I took out the original tiny voltage balun and installed a home made current balun.

Auswahl von Hardware, Software sowie Verfahren, entsprechend dem Prinzip des Datenschutzes durch Technikgestaltung und durch datenschutzfreundliche Voreinstellungen Art. StrahlerReflektorAbstandalles mm ich habe keine 7,80 hier friyzel den Unterlagen.

EA5UJ – Mi estación: Fritzel FB

Please note, that the Cushraft was about 20 years old and in a worse condition than frittzel FB The thickest aluminium rod in the new model has a diameter of 28 mm. I had a FB53 14 years ago. Abstand Reflektor-Strahler 2,90m und Strahler-Direktor 1,90m. The FB33 has got a much larger bandwidth and even after 10 years this beam works without any problem.

In seinem Forum wird es Verweise auf die archivierten Threads in diesem Frirzel geben und aus diesem Forum wird generell das neue Forum verlinkt werden. In it were frittzel 4 element 50 Fritxel antenna and the FB33 with the extension kit for 30 mtr with the ropes tied to the boom and elements.


By first removing the burned part with a cutter, ON4LN successfully restored a staircase with two-component epoxy. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Remember when replacing the traps that the coils with the least windings are for 10 m. Very soon the 13 element beam came up for MHz and also one for 70 cm, a 21 element, also from Tonna and several other antennas for different bands.

The storm lifted the innerpart of fritel tower up with the antennas and rb33 bent over the outer part and fell down in the side garden near our car and shredded the wooden fence and gate to our garden. On top I put the small vertical for VHF and in the middle the U-shaped aluminum tube for both the beams.

ON4LN wrote to me: Bought a used 5 el tribander, Fritzel FB53, which was up in the air for over 10 years and not being used anymore.

Das stammt alles noch aus alten Fritzel Zeiten, zumindest sind das die Scans seiner Prospekte.

That has never happened during the more than 40 years that I did maintenance on the antennas. The rivets replaced by stainless steel bolt and nut.

The 10 m traps of both antennas were identical in terms of construction, etc. Often people ask me the size of the elements. It has been through some very rough storms at my location without any problems. Assembling is much easier, because the holes are drilled and everything is fixed with screws.


It is a matter of good finishing by degreasing, for example with Dreft detergent and then rinsing with warm water and drying with a hair dryer. Other publishers on the internet don’t advise cleaning with metal sponges because residual fibers would cause a short circuit. We saw almost everything from 1 to 5 elements for 1 or more bands.

The wire becomes flatter if you do the cleaning regularly.

Because of the bad weather and time of the year I only made plans for the new antennas, considering the new toy in the shack, the Yaesu FT which was coming in a few weeks. The Fritzel company is good to deal with and have many other fine antenna products such as verticals, wire antennas, baluns, and a really wonderful antenna wire which is multistranded flexible Cu wire with a nice flexible uv resistant PVC coating.

Fritzel FB-33

Received this antenna from a ham who had had it up for over 20 years. Even dirt will not stick easily on the outside. This wire is a wire antenna guys dream. Vice versa with the longer traps as used for the 40 meter band length 45 cm I have observed which the tube aren’t round but are oval. We looked at the prices which varied from cheap to expensive.

New to Ham Radio? My more than 35 years old Fritzel antenna elements look new after a thorough maintenance. HOFI continued the production or sale of Fritzel products.