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Sujet: [GP] All that you wanted to know on Aprilia RSA , and more, by Mr Jan Thiel and Mr Frits Overmars (PART 2) (Locked) Lun 9 Juil – Message Sujet: Re: [GP] All that you wanted to know on Aprilia RSA , and more, by Mr Jan Thiel and Mr Frits Overmars (PART 5) Lun 9 Jan – Message Sujet: [GP] All that you wanted to know on Aprilia RSA , and more, by Mr Jan Thiel and Mr Frits Overmars (PART 4) Mer 2 Avr –

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Specialty Resins – Model Pro Resin. When reading, I thought: We have seen exactly the same thing happen in cc motocross: The only thing that really counts after ionisation is the current in Amps, that ignites the mixture between the electrodes. Transfer theory part 4 vectors. If I would write in French, nobody would understand. The never ending learning experiment. I still have scars from one of the grenade jobs.

That bike must be about ten years old now. I prefer an open rulebook though.

Frits Overmars Expansion Chamber aka FOS exhaust concept

Next, the class has to go. Response to my publication of the FST on January 19, But because of the pulsation it is advisable to put a large buffer volume between pump and interruptor. So if non-ethanol fuel is used I think this epoxy would work great for any kind of porting projects. Tuesday, January 10, Want to build a custom expansion chamber?


But it can be microscopic or macroscopic, and that makes a lot of difference. But I fear that the things I really wanted to say, might get lost in translation. Even 0,65 was negative! Two month ago I did write in an interview that 35hp on the backwheel is not very realistic for a 90cc, but now I will change my mind about that.

What exact unit was being tested? If there is, however, an angular even obtuse-angle section at the cylinder chamfer interface section, the piston ring movement gradually becomes bad, resulting in strengthened contact by the ring on chamfers.

Promis je prendrai des cours d’Anglais dans une prochaine vie. I, in fact, did a similar thing in the 80s. Frits, I’m very grateful. Does the engine need this? Yes, with a couple of differences The big diesels that you mention, have their scavenging ports aimed tangential so that the incoming charge gets a swirling motion.

By the way the MSD has a primary resistance of only 0.

We have tested torbo crankshafts and they seem to give a small increase in power and an increase in airflow. Frits, I imagine overmsrs was difficult with the. But the most important ftits is “where has the system remain to day? Just use INA needle bearing seals. A compression ratio of Senne s Nombre de messages: There are still some details of which some very imporatant to keep in mind. Hahaha Frits, No april joke and no bird in my office.

This thing made 18, rpm. It is called Dtailrestrictor I only tested it in the non-ethanol fuel and it also showed zero signs of being effected. Raced in a few races last year.


Bucket Racing Fabrication

After pu blishing There was an abundance of comments on the forums, most of all at Kreidler. And length is not the issue here; the issue is flow resistance and diameters are far more decisive than lengths in that respect. However I reckon my Motec controlled 60 bar pulsed injection under the piston of a Honda RS 1n is difficult to beat.

A good airflow turbine is a great tool. Recently commented Mr Luc Foekema that he probably had the same thought as me. Now we have Moto2, a real one-brand class, just with various frame builders. The reason to proceed directly to publication, which not describe the idea!! The 0,7mm squish was the minimum we could use with good power at frjts pm. But that I will keep for me, till the system has been ready for operating later this year.

Op ebay USA zetten en de hoofdprijs vangen. Numerous people contribute and ask questions with most of them directed at Frits Overmars, Jan Thiel and “Wobbly”. I will explain later.

Hi Marko, it is interesting. Or the fresh mixture did not reach the spark plug anymore. However if you have an equation that gives us spark duration that would be alot handier.