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Freedom of Choice. Thomas J. Chalko MSc, Ph.D. “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within, ISBN 0 0 7 – e-book edition (PDF file ). The Freedom of Choice Thomas J Chalko. 6 likes. Book. The Freedom of Choice Thomas J. Chalko MSc, Ph.D. “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within, lacks EVERYTHING ” Melbourne, Australia,

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Sayed Hashem rated it it was ok Dec 26, This, of course, includes believing that something is not possible. There are many questions in this book.

Incidentally, this is exactly what the best teachers do when examining their students – they test understandingby giving students unexpected problems to solve. We suffer until we develop some ideas how to avoid suffering.

There is no lim itation to the development of our individual intellect, however we can impose temporary lim itations ourselvessimply because at a certain stage of our evolution it may appear to us as a good idea.

The Freedom of Choice – Thomas J. Chalko – Google Books

They mis- programmed it cgoice, by falsifying their own sensations At best – they waste their lifetime. Chalko You will avoid a lot of frustration if you refrain from trying to explain something to people who are not yet ready to understand. What is the challenge? The easiest posture is a comfortable sitting od, with your spine straight and erect. However, it is clear, that using material technology any instrument made from atoms to study consciousness and intellect may not be a very good idea.


The Freedom of Choice

Technology is used to frighten people and keep crippled Individual Freedkm under control. Chalko The Past Do you remember how many times you fell before you learned to walk? Do you have an explanation?

We need to aim for a conscious progress ourselves. I am sure you will agree, that a Great Intellect indeed is needed to design Lif e. Well, we have just discovered, by examining certain aspects of ourselves in one of the previous sections of this book, that intellect CAN and actually DOES develop itself.

We also agreed, that before Life could come to existence – there had to exist a Great Intellect who designed it. The Only Purpose is the development of the Individual Intellect. Can you really Love someone without admiration?

Very few individuals have enough imagination to admit the possibility of the existence of the Grand Plan. I have searched and I have found. At no time did I feel threatened.

Scientists on Earth are not even aware of some very elementary Laws of Physics. Also, try to see irotives in actions of others. Your feedback is always welcome.

What would be the most pleasant and most satisfying activity for your intellect? On Earth we are right at the very bottom of conscious evolution [1], following the most primitive in stincts and ignorant doctrines rather than intellect. Worshipping is clearly disappointing, unpleasant and even annoying for anyone intelligent enough to comprehend all associated feelings.


The moment we try to force anyone to love us, or impose any conditions, the Higher feeling that we call Love – simply stops existing. However, such a situation becomes also a fascinating lesson for those Individual Intellects who have eyes and they do see Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. Can you examine yours? Gaining authority, power and advantage over other frdedom

The freedom of choice / Thomas J. Chalko | National Library of Australia

Interaction with other Individual Intellects in the context of material reality creates excellent conditions for such a test. They may be images from the psychosphere [1] – known also as akashic record?? Change focus on the tip of pur finger and overlook the circles. Through their wealth they can effectively chouce almost every activity on Earth they choose – simply because people are conditioned to do almost anything for money.