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I am coming to Heyer in the opposite way, after reading countless romances, including many Regencies. Frederica is the first book I have read by Georgette. Frederica (Regency Romances) [Georgette Heyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Heyer was one of the great protagonists of the. Frederica [Georgette Heyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Marquis of Alverstoke finds himself drawn to Frederica, the distant.

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I honestly couldn’t care less. Whoever told me I’d love Frederica? Her writing career began inwhen she turned a story for her younger brother into the novel The Black Moth. Men’s Breeches, Pantaloons, and Trousers.

And it will be such a nice treat for you!! As all too often happens with Heyer, the ending is cut too short, and I would have enjoyed seeing more of Frederica and Alverstoke as a couple. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. I mean there is pretty much nothing in his world that is exciting, difficult, stimulating, meh-ness. At least it would seem so to those of the company who are “right ones,” and know the proper way of viewing the world!

But you’re trying to break us apart. Frederica, and to a lesser extent Alverstoke, represent that to me.

He says yes, simply to rile up his sisters and what ensues his an amazing dash about London, flights in heysr, issues with a Baluchistan hound, steam engines, possible Gretna Green episodes and oh, so much more. With trepedition I began it And when his younger cousin ends up in a terrible accident, the dutiful Marquis becomes as chivalrous as ever to the those in his charge.

My favourite is Regency Buck. No worries though, no one will care!


Not exactly standard fare for a romance novel. Pride and Prejudice Economics: And its not just that she is the oldest of five Not just the dandies, but people like Alverstoke, who seem to treat tying their cravat with High Church reverence.

There’s lots of family dynamics in this story, which I find very hyer when well done and this is exceptionally done. Frederica is much more concerned with others, but she is also bossy and managing.

Views Read Edit View history. The first time Felix was called in to the study at Alver; and the last time he took himself there on his own account. And I don’t like books that toss kids in to make a plot or add ‘humor’ but in this book it felt natural and fun.

I rationed the chapters so that I could savor this lovely romance. The scene is so completely unnecessary, but so awesome at the same time! To do him credit though, he is a horse expert, a great athlete and is always dressed bang up to the nines without looking like a ridiculously dandified counter-coxcomb. Here’s the deal, at least it was apparent to me, this guy is bored fredrica everything. This one is definitely a favorite. Seen Over the Ether: I think I can relate to her more than any other Heyer heroine so far.

Do you remember any of the plot? This one was rife with responsibilities which I don’t have issue with, but the conversations between Alverstoke and Fr Charming and delightful regency romance. Well, I heysr one more thing to note.

Rich and handsome, darling of the ton, the hope of ambitious mothers and despair of his sisters, the Marquis of Alverstoke at seven-and-thirty sees no reason to put himself out for anyone.

Desert Isle Keeper

And, really, we need more cultural eras that are willing to show men as so entirely vain about their appearance. He thought that he had experienced every variety, but he discovered that he was mistaken: Particularly to Frederica herself, who is so busy trying to keep all of her younger brothers in line and rescue them from their escapades and get Charis married off to a sharp and well-off man and keep her away from the men with pockets to let i.


Now I’ve read them all and find myself desperately searching for an author to fill the void that has been left after stepping into the regency world of Geoorgette Heyer.

It’s set primarily in London, aboutduring an era of mechanical advancement: After Frederica and Vernon’s engagement, everything goes smoothly.

Frederica by Georgette Heyer, A Review | Jane Austen’s World

Awake and Sleeping by lferion for Luthien Fandoms: I loved the book and hero and heroine. View all comments. When SourceBooks sent Frederica my way I went into paroxysms of joy, for I recalled loving the book when I first read it just out of college. Jul 15, Melissa McShane rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was not at all the sort of smile with which his lordship beguiled his flirts, but something warmer and more intimate.

I knew I would love Frederica way before I started it. It carried what I’ve come to expect of her – memorable characters, humerous language, an interesting plot line. His various London exploits are a charming background for most of the novel. Except that part where he becomes a better man or whatever?