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Hilarious and high energy, Freak is Leguizamo’s Emmy winning semi-falsified, one-man stand-up performance. Alternately funny, raunchy and poignant, FREAK . January 31 1. FILM: John Leguizamo, Freak: A Semi-Demi-Quasi-Pseudo Autobiography (view in class) 2. READ: Juan Gonzalez, Harvest of. Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is the Producer and Editor of John Leguizamo’s graphic novel Freak. He worked with an amazing team of artists to create FREAK, .

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I really enjoyed watching it and felt comfortable at all times even through the grotesque parts of the film. It is also interesting to look at his relationship with him brother. Fausto exemplifies this hunger for power and dominance by the way he disciplines his sons. Although he was not the greatest role model, he himself believed that this is the way a man should act. Zeek rated it liked it Aug 30, I really like how he was able to out a comedic spin on different subjects in his life.

Jan 09, Michael Prier rated it liked it Shelves: But some of the stories are funny, and it’s guarateed to depress! The question that lies here is why? Refresh and try again. The expectations of what a Latino male should and how to deal with it. February 1, at 1: John gets this idea from his father that any man who lacks any masculine trait is more of a woman than a man. This story was very touching because John always wanted his father to notice him.

Finally, after losing his job as a tenant, Fausto is forced to work as a dishwasher.

John Leguizamo: Freak () – IMDb

We often follow the footsteps of our parents with sons looking up to their fathers and daughters looking up to their mothers. Audible Download Audio Books. Since my mother does all these things for my brother he in return is going to expect the same from any woman that he comes into contact with. It seems that masculine men constantly feel the need to disguise their true selves.

Could it be that society has stripped the male psyche of the ability to express feeak, such as love and compassion, that men then seek to express it in other ways that do not go against the norm? Of course he is talking about the difficult things we got through as a people in a funny way but its all very true.


I agree with the role males are given such as being the bread winners, while women raise chidden and take care of the household. I may be wrong, but I am confident in saying that the majority of Latino leguizami do not do this to their sons. John Leguizamo speaks to the reality of what its like to grow up a Latino male in a Latino family.

In the discussion we talked about his uncle who was gay. February 2, at You basically said everything I was thinking of! Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Aug 05, Jake lguizamo it really liked it Shelves: Fishbone, John Bigham, Chris Dowd. Many scholars have identified her role as marianismo- to be like the Virgin Mary; she is the vital source of nurturance and moral authority in the family.

These signify a girl or boy turning into a man or woman, coming of age and being an adult. The only reason it doesn’t get 4 is because it’s basically the script to his one man show frwak which is amazing, but I was hoping that he’d supplement it or add something different for the book.

In response to your last paragraph, gender roles are forced upon most individuals since birth. May 2, at 7: John identifies with his uncle Sanny, who is gay. legkizamo

Although in my opinion forcing ones child into sexual intercourse should never be a responsibility, Fausto may have personally felt it was his duty. I think that here we see some of the extremes of the stereotypes portrayed yet we also see a unique aspect which is the affects of this life on the child involved.

He had a very remarkable and influential people in his life, and while they influenced him greatly, these people were very different. After all of the lies and the abuse, John still had the deep desire to please his father. While his cultural background has many similarities to theirs, he is not able to relate to them and instead their different cultures cause misunderstandings and problems, leading to his rejection.


John is constantly trying to be the type of masculine man his father could notice and respect, but once again, the two of them are just too different; their conflicting views of masculinity keep them from relating to one another. Showing that society and at home life is how we portray traits of masculinity its not just learnt from little kids on their own or that its something that we are born with.

In the scene where John recounts his fathers love for the television joun I saw a parallel to the way the modern man acts towards cars. John was clearly devastated when he learned that his father was not the owner of the restaurant but instead the dishwasher. Although he is doing a performance, it is an important factor because leguizzmo is talking about his own experiences growing up as a Latino male.

While meant to be comical which it was there were some very real aspects that included him being forced to engage in sexual intercourse with an older woman by his father.

His mother sent him to the Art Students League where he found charcoals, watercolors, oil paints and figure drawing. As if he has all the power. But to John, these small experiences were the ones that defined him and the life he now leads.

His father spanked him, gave him alcohol, was mujeriego playercalled him a Freak when accidentally kissed him, and taught him how to hustle to make money. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

2. John Leguizamo’s Freak

We see the brother being protective, tough, and intimidating as he threatens John and makes him leave the bar of course. Danny rated it it was amazing Nov 20, It is teaching him at an early age that he is superior and whatever he asks for he shall receive. February 25, at 3: