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Hilarious and high energy, Freak is Leguizamo’s Emmy winning semi-falsified, one-man stand-up performance. Alternately funny, raunchy and poignant, FREAK . January 31 1. FILM: John Leguizamo, Freak: A Semi-Demi-Quasi-Pseudo Autobiography (view in class) 2. READ: Juan Gonzalez, Harvest of. Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is the Producer and Editor of John Leguizamo’s graphic novel Freak. He worked with an amazing team of artists to create FREAK, .

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But “Freak” proves something much greater: He feels left out of being fully masculine. You can tell by the way John acted and reacted to situations that he always had his father in the back of his mind, thinking if his father would johhn and approve of his actions. Start your free trial. February 3, at 8: The way John acts it out this Guido working on his car, the way he talked, the way he acted was of a stereotypical Italian man, still very masculine, just in a different way.

But like all great comedy, the seriousness is there too. Chelsea Hoskisson rated it it was amazing Jun 21, In this, the act was definitely gendered but it cannot represent the leguizxmo of legyizamo for all Latino males. John was not necessarily ready for this step but this is what he had to do in order to be considered a man and have machismo. Your comparison of the television as the modern day car obsession among men is very interesting.

Even though he did grow up in a tough neighborhood he was able to look past all the bad stuff and only focus on the good things. The idea of how a man jhon act and how a female should act all starts in the household.

Masculinity as a whole is measured by power, wealth and control. The book had way too much filler, probably due to the actual story not taking up many pages. Jacob I completely agree on what your looking into about machismo, but I wonder what you think in accordance leguizamoo women?

Leguizamo definitely expressed his masculinity through the rites of passages that he has undergone with very different traits masculinity influences in his life. John is just a young boy trying to find himself creak soon learns he can never escape who he is no matter how much he tried. His dad glorified sex and the treatment of women.


Masculinity can have a power over someone that can cause nohn to do things that are violent, uncalled for, and sometimes just morally wrong. He believes in the notion that as his wife and a female, she should be inferior to him. February 25, at 3: This was different then how he was brought up to believe.

John Leguizamo speaks to the reality of what its like to grow up a Latino male in a Latino family. Both his mother and father were important people in his life and the viewer can see how each of them affect John and his outlook on life.

I also am now opening my eyes to fream gender norms I grew up in.

I like how you pointed out that males seem to constantly disguise their true selves as seen in Fausto but is it the need to disguise themselves or the need to be portrayed as society says they should. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The whole oeguizamo was very bizarre.

Freak by John Leguizamo

Fausto shows affection towards his sons only when he is under the influence of alcohol. Apr 12, Marcia marked it as to-read. However his dad has a problem with Johns uncle because he is gay. After this point, John notices that Fausto is bringing the other woman home, a woman he has to pretend to be something that he is not in order to keep. I completely agree with you about men are portrayed as not showing or even having emotions expressed.

Machismo is a trait that allows a man can be a loving, caring certainly in his own definitionand a trait that is certainly expressed through sexual conquests. This use of comedy combined with story telling made it extremely easier to tell, while at the same time gaining positive reactions from its listeners because of the consistent use of comedy and stage play.


Both of these words are labels that bring about a lot of negative connotations. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Then again when John tries to make friends with some Italian guys we see again he acts a different way. This play is not only high energy and fast moving, it is full of wit. Yes, he did have a hard upbringing but at least he got back up, took his lessons and keep it moving.

Lists with This Book. Essentially I had the same ideas but then I began to think about why things are the way they may be. I think that the overall message of his performance was positive and inspiring.

Nov 16, Fatimah rated it it was amazing.

Freak (film) – Wikipedia

His father spanked him, gave him alcohol, was mujeriego playercalled him a Freak when accidentally kissed him, and taught him how to hustle to make money. Preview — Freak by John Leguizamo. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His stand up centered around two things: I thought the one-man skit was really funny and Leguizamo portrayed the vision of his family very vividly.

Fausto represents most if leguziamo almost everything the class came up with in the wordle for the words that correlated to Latino men legukzamo terms of masculinity; passionate, macho, hardworking, family-oriented, aggressive, confident.

2. John Leguizamo’s Freak

Set in various neighborhoods of Queens, New Fresk, in the eras of disco and break-dancing, Freak recounts the turmoil and eccentricities within a Latino family struggling to make it. I may be freeak, but I am confident in saying that the majority of Latino fathers do not do this to their sons. And this is definitely to associate themselves with a certain social class. Also the fact that Fausto never really showed his sons affection also trained John to never expect it or rely on it.