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Actor Frank Langella’s powers of observation lend the odd brief profiles in “ Dropped Names” substance and richness. Dropped NamesFamous Men and Women As I Knew ThemFrank LangellaHarper: pp., $Frank Langella’s “Dropped Names” is a. The Juiciest Bits From Frank Langella’s Celebrity-Leveling Memoir “Dropped Names”. “All actors are angry babies”: Langella. (Courtesy Getty.

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‘Dropped Names’ by Frank Langella dishes on fellow actors: Review – latimes

His turn of phrase is a delight to read. Instead, one gets the sense that Mr. For a brief moment, the two courted in a frabk romantic comedy that he ungallantly recounts as a series of boxing rounds. Aug 11, Patrice rated it it was amazing.

Langella is a creature of the theater through and through; at a party featuring the Kennedys, it is the presence of Coward that gives him droppex most exciting surprise.

This is definitely not a kiss and tell book. While these read as terrific anecdotes, in the postscript Langella reminds you that living is not a dramatic art work.

Aug 13, Barbara rated it really liked it. Honesty is a notable feature of this book, which intrepidly names names as it cycles through the mostly unflattering features of the many deceased luminaries its author has encountered on his climb through show business.

Preview — Dropped Names by Frank Langella. I don’t know that there are any tremendous insights into either Mr. Langella stoically fending off the clingy attentions of one more faded movie star.

In reading this book, I was able to get glimpses of what some of my favorite stars and people in the public eye I grew up admiring namea really like. Langella as a bit of a frani himself, as he makes his career elbowing his way through a succession of encounters with big names in and out of show business, from JFK to Elizabeth Taylor. All that spaghetti sauce he cooked and donated to charity?


Langella go from a month “unpaid internship” with Elia Kazan to his current position–that of a 74 year old individual looking over his life that has been filled–to put it mildly–with interesting encounters with people who used to be described as “bold face names. As one reviewer pointed out, one can see why Mr.

He lwngella privacy, and only suggests where he may have been given liberties — one or two, if, well, surprising. Langella’s couch, where the patients, in a highly unusual twist, rarely get a word in edgewise.

It’s cleverly written and chock-full of actor-stories, however; if that’s as much your thing as it is mine, you’ll like this book too.

My father never said a bad word about anyone. How he thinks he’s greater than Paul Newman and Charlton Heston we’ll never know, but he says they can’t act despite their Academy Awards. There he allows himself to become a bit vulnerable and it can be touching, if just momentarily so. Langella gives a well written, insightful and sensitive voice to some great stories he shared with other famous people. Bush; such facts don’t exactly distinguish him in the entertainment world.

Review: ‘Dropped Names’ by Frank Langella dishes on fellow actors

Langella’s acting is intense and dangerous. Langella comes off as a sensual and kind gentleman that has made good in an industry that will eat one alive.

But, unlike a hunk of chocolate mousse cake, it’ll still be there for you to taste again and again in the future, langellla you’ll surely want to. Jul 03, Cindy Knoke rated it liked it.


Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them – 4/16/

It doesn’t take a lab technician to detect the high level of testosterone in his summation of a few Hollywood notables:. When was Paul Mellon going to pay him money owed? Not many people can come across as silmutaneously self-aggrandizing and self-effacing.

But in the namew Looking for Richardthe star’s exploration of Shakespeare’s Richard III, that’s how he refers to Frank Langella, who originally signed on to play Clarence in that picture but apparently couldn’t take the production’s meandering discussion process for each scene. Life vibrates, has rhythms, in the moment.

Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them

While he never explicitly turns the spotlight on himself, with a few hints here and there you come away with the impression that Langella would would assess his own life and missteps with candor and rueful acknowledgement of his frannk failures, egotism and hubris. Langella, who was a true beauty in his youth and looks damn good in his seventies has a marriage behind him, a couple of children and several affairs with women including a famous one with Whoopi Goldberg that goes unmentioned in Dropped Names.

I turned away from John Lennon and oh so many others for him.