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The department had launched an online application for CST forms. to respective MVAT Return Forms, like Form , , , , & Form III E under the. New Forms under Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT) annexures and returns in Form , Form , Form , Form , Form and. Single revised return for year onwards under MVAT Act (3) This Workbook also consists of Return Forms Viz., Form, ,

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Displays the count of all vouchers that have the mandatory information in corresponding masters and transactions to comply with requirements of filing returns. Further, vide Trade Circular 7T of [Part B- III e ], it is clarified that claim of goods return would be allowed only if the same is confirmed by the buyer through debit note in their purchase annexure. The system will do the needful. It may happen in case of last return, where the dealer is closing the business or discontinued the purchases from mega unit.

Summary of Exceptions screen displays the count of payment vouchers which are not considered in the VAT return due to insufficient information. Returns summary This section provides a summary of all transactions recorded in the reporting period.

FAQS in respect Of MVAT Return Filing in New Automation System

Contractor has to file return in form A. There is no change in type of returns. In case the supplier discloses the said sales in April-June return then the ITC will be allowed otherwise ITC passed on the said buyer will be reversed. A has claimed set-off on purchases of goods from B.

Maharashtra VAT Forms in Excel / Word | Finotax

If works contractor does not have any output liability in that period then refund can be claimed. As per guidelines in Form — No sales Annexure written and in Form Sales details to be given for Composition dealers as above?


Leave a Reply Mavt reply Your email address will not be published. Any date within the annexure period is allowed.

After completion, if you agree with the preview return then you are required to create the file and upload it by using log-in id with credentials. Ans For URD fofm the transaction code is Kindly Refer Help Guide. This makes it difficult for a dealer to identify and correct the error and accordingly takes more time to key in the details and validate the forms. When goods are sent to OMS Branch or. Drill down from this row to view the list of exception types and number of exceptions under each type.

But we request that uniform instruction is necessary. Yes, it is accepted in case of different TINs. The details of such chalan should be mentioned in Box 10E. Yes, there is a change in the procedure for filing of returns.

Displays the count of purchase returns recorded in journal voucher and debit note. Displays the amount of VAT paid for, the financial year. If dealer is satisfied with this draft return then he has to submit it with payment thereby completing the process of filing of return.

jvat First Return Tick, if applicable. It will take around one day to reflect the changes made through revised return. While claiming credit notes of aggregate value for any period against any TIN it is absolutely essential to state. In that case which code shall we use for recording that Credit Note in online form? The Department or to say the system provided by the Department will prepare the Return. This facility is yet to be introduced. You fofm drill down from any of the sections to display incrementally detailed information at subsequent levels.

VAT Forms for Maharashtra in Excel / Word

If any debit-credit note contains more than one invoice and it is a transaction of rate difference or discount under transaction code then the debit or credit note number and date with annexure period is acceptable. Disclosure of sales by contractor and sub-contractor are not dependent for deduction. The previous period details invoices are allowed to be mentioned in subsequent period return.


The list of payment vouchers appears as shown below:. If answer is yes, what would happen if works contractor does not have any output liability in that period?

The list of payment vouchers appears as shown below: In such in spite of claiming correct input credit it will disallowed in the next month. Sales and purchase annexures are replaced with annexures J1 and J2. Normally set-off is admissible when the purchases are booked in 21 accounts.

TDS credit fodm be transferred to the account of works contractor as and when return in form is filed. This is formm amount payable including Tax and Interest as per Box 10B g.

Form is uploaded by employer irrespective of the fact whether such Dealer has disclosed sales in Forms or ? Displays the total number of vouchers recorded in the reporting period. Such purchases are to be shown in column in E. The tax rate-wise rows appear in italics only in detailed mode F1: C Utilisation of Mat Credit.

If not, will it tantamount to late payment of tax?

In certain cases, there might be a situation that dealer may not have fkrm purchases from mega unit and the amount for claim of set-off is not available. However, the paste special option needs to be used.