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For My Legionaries has ratings and 16 reviews. No said: If this doesn’t move you, nothing & Quotes:Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (AKA The Cap. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu FORMY LEGIONARIES This PDF-document has . My father had been recalled into the military for the last two years and left with the. Jan 11, This book is the autobiography of Codreanu. It presents his spiritual and political beliefs as well as the history and struggles of the Romanian.

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Miclescu, Portului St. I write hastily on the battlefield, in the midst of attacks. Our opinion was not that we had formed a movement in order to agitate, but to gain a fod.

But I had no contact with this mass. In only two weeks, over 40 flags had been issued in 40 counties, to trustworthy people. Or an anomaly if we did not defend it when we see it endangered? Florin Radulescu and Maj. I became attached to this man and I stood with him under his leadership constantly till the organization disbanded. There is, among all those in various parts of the world who serve their people, a kinship of sympathy, as there is such a kinship wnong those who labor for the destruction of peoples.

Outside the walls, the communists increasing in numbers, steadily grew into a compact mass and demonstrated menacingly. The essence of these articles contained the expression in a high form, of the three ideals of life for the Romanian people: For when they die, the whole people lives from their death and is honored by their honor.


Where are the madmen? My point of view was agreed upon.


Cretu, Danulescu, Simionescu, Rapeanu, Roventa, and others, The mass was warlike, but part of the leadership thought it wise to calm down such high spirits. A short time later, the train was taking me home. Do not lend any credence to their manifestoes and urgings just as you did not believe that of cordeanu enemy when you were fighting at Oituz, Marasti and Marasesti.

The Iron Guard are one of the most profound groups of modern times. A moving account of heroism, and of profound love for one’s fatherland, one’s people and national culture. In Bucovina about the time of its annexation in Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat I was codrewnu aware that in those hours the life and death of the Romanian people was at stake.

Return to Book Page. Is it not frightening, that we, the Romanian people, no longer can produce fruit? I think that Theodore is not saying that Romanians are a problem for mt. Wisdom demanded that the King not permit himself to fall prisoner into coodreanu hands of a single man or party. It’s a shame that in the end he was assassinated by the pathetic king carol II and his organization achieved power for only a tiny bit of time.

As a natural consequence it becomes the slave of the great Jewish international finance which subjugates it by subvention. According to the “numerus clausus” formula, Jews are to be admitted into schools, medical professions, the bar, etc.


Still one star for the historical value of this book. The auditorium became too codreqnu for the crowds of students who wished to take part in these meetings. The Romanian has always known only the honest fight. Despising Romanian culture, they looked down upon the university and everything we had in this country with pretensions of being savants and advisors, Hke some men arriving from a great country leginoaries this sinful and backward Romanian soil.

Corneliu Codreanu with his wife, Elena Ilinoiu. We made only one flag, then in Capt Siancu’s house, who from the first moment with great enthusiam agreed to our plan of action, we took an oath on this flag. They urge us to discard the tricolor flag, while in its stead they hoist the red flag of hatred. I ask and I expect an answer: How many were not accompanied all the way to their graves, how many are ofr today haunted by its legionariex

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I do not pay attention to any regulation imposed on book authors. We looked neither to the left nor to the right. Whoever shall understand these things will be victorious even if he be alone.