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Hold the flexagon in two hands, looking down at the top face. Push three corners down and in to make three valley folds. At the same time pinch to make three. Blank template with instructions (also a PDF version). hexaflexagon-template- blank. Fidget Spinner design: hexaflexagon-fidget-spinner-color-template. (Go to Flexagon Party Organizer’s Kit). Hexaflexagon Templates. Create your own hexaflexagons. Choose a template and follow the easy instructions to make .

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How to Make a Hexa-hexaflexagon Read all of the steps before starting. After thinking about it overnight, he constructed a hexagon that when flexed produced six different faces— hexa-hexaflexagon.

Now you should be able to see five yellow triangles 1s. Take the blank flap that sticks out and fold it over the other blank triangle. Within each folded variation, you can see the faces fllexagon the other variation.

Your flexagon is done! There are many teplate of flexagons. Fold the pattern lengthwise on the dashed line.

The four faces provide opportunity for design creativity. The first flexagon he made was the tri-hexaflexagon. Place the fpexagon pattern with the side without glue tabs facing up, and the end with a green 2 triangle to the left. There will be one piece with twenty triangles.


How to Make a Flexagon: 13 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Score and fold along the centerline lengthwise. Pull the 2 forward that is behind the 3. Enlarge Share this craft.

Learn how to make a flexagon, a most fascinating geometric toy! Decorate the template according to flwxagon numbered patterns. Fold back on the line between the next 2 and 1.

Choose a tri-hexaflexagon to make. Refold and glue together for a double thickness. Glue the two sides together for a double thickness. Wait for the glue to dry before flexing your flexagon.

Wait for the glue to dry before flexing your flexagon. A flexagon is a polygon folded out of paper in such a way that there are three patterned faces. You might want to start with the pattern with numbers on each face—1, 2 and 3. Fold back on the line between the yellow and blue triangles 1 and 3. Pull the yellow triangle 1 forward that is behind the green triangle 2.

The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article’s instructions and validated that they work. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.


Grab the top corners in the center of the flexagon and pull flexagkn open, revealing the new pattern. You can make flexagons with different numbers of sides and patterns.

How To Make a ‘Flextangle’ – DIY Paper Toy

Be sure to check this one out – It is a celebration of all 6 hexaflexagons with 6 or less faces. There will be two pieces with 19 triangles each. Cut around the two pattern pieces on the outline. Be sure to check out the “G” and Sunday face on both variations.

How To Make a ‘Flextangle’ – DIY Paper Toy – GIF on Imgur

The Dots and Triangles patterns coordinate with the dot patterns in the Geometric Solids craft project. Create a a straight strip by folding all the red 4 triangle pairs over to face each other. Gather everything you need to do the project. Fold the 1 back.