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This, I imagine, would have been part of his performance style as well, as it matches what we know about performance practices of the time.

Method for the Spanish Guitar. When he reached the age of 11 or 12, the head of the Barcelona Cathedral took notice of young Sor’s talent, and he was enrolled in the school there. Archived from the original on 16 July Since ballet in London was more popular than opera, Sor decided to try his hand at this new genre of music.

Fernando Sor: Selected Works

Sor’s contemporaries considered him to be the best guitarist in the world, [1] and his works for guitar have been widely played and reprinted since his death. Don’t show me this again. The Classic Guitar Collection, Vol.

Since France was no longer supportive of his music, Sor decided to try his talents elsewhere. Sor’s works minuuet guitar range from pieces for beginning players to advanced players such as Variations on a Theme of Mozart. Even during a repetition, for example in the second half of the theme of his Mozart variations op. Be the first to write down a comment.


Generally, he would add or subtract ornaments; change the textures, notes, or rhythms; or even rewrite passages in a more improvisatory style. The resulting body of instructional studies he produced is not only noteworthy for its value to students of the guitar, but for its inherent musicality.

Sor was even part of traveling military bands that would play protest sorr on the streets.

This service works with Youtube, Dailymotion. But his mother began to see that Sor was becoming greatly distracted from his “chosen” path in the military or administration and, following the advice of friends, took him out of the monastery and placed him in military school for four years.

Fernando Sor – Wikipedia

Audio and video players are included. He went to Parisnever to return to his home country again. Lacote, a French maker, the only person who, besides his talents, has proved to me that he possesses the quality of not being inflexible to reasoning”.

The ideas, which grow out of the instrument yet stand up well enough apart fernanro it, are fresh and distinctive.

Fernando Sor

Fednando other projects Wikimedia Commons. Because of these performance practices, I did not stop myself from adding a few ornaments whenever I felt the music asked for it.

Much of this work is organized in several opuses in increasing order of difficulty: By using this site, you agree minuwt the Terms skr Use and Privacy Policy.


The texture is naturally of interest too, with the melody shifted from top to bottom, to middle, and frequent contrapuntal bits added. It never ceases to amaze me how so many modern guitarists and musicologists [ His ballet score Cendrillon Cinderella received over one hundred performances.

Most significantly, Newman falls into an easy association of Sor’s sonata style with that of Haydn and Boccherini.

Free sheet music : Sor, Fernando – 12 Minuets (Guitar solo (standard notation))

These beautiful variations are not played more often because, in my opinion, they seem to lack a feranndo ending and leave us with the feeling that the piece was left unfinished. Sor, Fernando – Instrumentation: Add Videos on this page Add a video related to this sheet music.

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The second piece from Twelve MinuetsOp. At a young age, Sor’s parents wouldn’t give his musical abilities too much special attention, for fear it would distract from his Latin studies.

Guitars made according to Sor’s design have not yet been located. Byron Fogo Cover photo: Learn more and set cookies Close.