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Familia: Thamnophilidae Subfamiliae: Thamnophilidae Swainson, a new genus of antwrens (Aves: Passeriformes: Thamnophilidae). Composta por espécies essencialmente insetívoras, a família Thamnophilidae é um dos mais importantes componentes da avifauna Neotropical (SKUTCH. Cymbilaimus lineatus. Fasciated Antshrike Batara lineado Thamnophilus doliatus. Barred Antshrike Batara barreteado Thamnophilus bridgesi. Black- hooded.

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Thamnophilidae – Wikispecies

Revista Brasileira de ZoologiaCuritiba, 8: Por outro lado, P. Lowland tropical forest bird communities of a site in Western Amazonia, p. Fatores ambientais, diversidade e similaridade em florestas da bacia do rio Tibagi, p. Avian communities in the understory of the Amazonian forest fragments, p.

Vine tangles in all strata, dense medium and higher strata and presence of clearings were representative in B1. Myrmotherula schisticolor Slaty Antwren Hormiguerito pizarroso Microrhopias quixensis Dot-winged antwren Hormiguerito alipunteado Ornithological MonographsFayetteville, ArecaceaeFicus glabra Vell. Dense medium stratum showed representative to five species.

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Myrtaceae e Pinus spp. The vegetation of this area, showed correlations relatively lower when compared to the other three, which showed higher values among themselves. Revista Brasileira de BiologiaRio de Janeiro, MoraceaeGallesia integrifolia Spreng.

Atlantic forest; foraging length; microhabitat; spatial distribution. On the other hand, vine tangles at the higher stratum and the absence of lower dense stratum were representative for only two species. Familis Field of OrnithologyLawrence, Services on Demand Journal. Cercomacroides tyrannina Dusky antbird Hormiguero tirano Use of Amazonian forest fragments by understory insectivorous birds.

Myrmeciza laemosticta Dull-mantled Antbird Hormiguero alimaculado Family Thamnophilidae Typical antbirdsp. Habitat specialization and foraging behavior by birds of Amazonian river islands in northeastern Peru. Euchrepomis callinota Rufous-rumped Antwren Hormiguerito lomirrufo Chicago, University of Chicago Press, p.


Effects of selective logging on a bird community in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Diversity of birds along an elevational gradient in the Cordilheira Central, Costa Rica. Thamnophilus atrinucha Black-crowned Antshrike Batara plomizo Drymophila rubricollis Bertoni is a valid specie Aves, Formicariidae. The ecology of bird communities.


Dysithamnus mentalis e T. Recife, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, p. Bamboo specialization by Amazonian birds.


Bird species diversity on an Andean elevational gradient. O eixo maior da bacia corta o Estado no sentido sul-norte Fig.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Understory birds and dynamic habitat mosaics in Amazonian rainforest, p. In each site, the vegetation was characterized and, for each specie, was analyzed: Gymnopithys bicolor Bicolored Antbird Hormguero bicolor The natural history of lianas on Barro Colorado Island, Panama. EcologyTempe, Behavior of Fringe-backed Fire-eyes Pyriglena atraFormicariidae: