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The Art of Wrestling by Fabian von Auerswald. The Art of Wrestling: 85 pieces to the honorable and gracious Electors of Saxony by Fabian von Auerswald. Fabian von Auerswald was a German Renaissance master of Ringen (wrestling). In , at the age of 75, he completed a beautifully. Find the perfect fabian von auerswald black & white image. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need.

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With my left hand I pull his left hand to me and reach in with my left hand under his right elbow.

Fabian Von Auerswald Black and White Stock Photos & Images – Alamy

Von Auerswald leaves it up to the reader for what to do with your opponent after that. And always with your thumb in the middle of his hand as you see here. Then I sweep out his left with my right leg. Have good caution with it and it is called “the left arm bar”. From the outside leg hook goes the slant thusly.

If your opponent steps in to perform the High Hip, quickly grab onto the rear of his left shoulder with your left hand while simultaneously grabbing underneath his right thigh with the other hand. Das stuck nem ich also, Auersaald mus ein Arm oben, der ander unten sein, und wenn er mich wil zu sich drucken, so trete ich mit meinem rechten Bein naus hinder sein linckes, und hebe mit meinem lincken Arm von innwendig zu seinen rechten Schenckel inn die hohe, und gebe mich ein wenig faiban ruck, so bin ich seiner gantz geweltig.

Thereafter I must step with my left leg inside his right foot and let my left hand glide down onto his buttock and turn him round to the right side. Whoever has this done to him so that the backward throw is of no use, then I step with my right leg outside of his left and take the technique called the slant. Lock-wrestling Faiban I come over his left arm with my left arm, and step with my left leg behind his right heel and pull him over my right knee.

Da fall ich mit meinem lincken arm uber seinen lincken arm und trette mit meinen lincken Beine hinter seine rechte ferse und ziehe in uber mein recht Knie, Das man linck und recht nemen. Lift your leg up so that the back of your thigh raises him, and simultaneously pull forward and down with the upper body. Archetype Transcription by Ingulf Kohlweiss. Zum dritten hat er seine hende noch gar dichte zuesamen und verschlossen, damit ihn sein keger, theil, nicht irgend bey einem finger oder daumen ergreiffen kan vnd ihn darnach also zue sich ziehen vnd zue bodem werffen welches auch sonderlich wol sol gerne [?


When your opponent is about to take the hip. If he gives you the left then give him the right. When I have stepped the winning step and have come behind his right with my left leg, then he bends down, and I put my left hand onto his throat, and then he is powerless against me. Das Schlosringen Da fall ich mit meinem lincken arm uber seinen lincken arm und trette mit meinen lincken Beine hinter seine rechte ferse und auersaald in uber mein recht Knie, Das man linck und recht nemen.

This piece also goes left and right. Dis ist alleine eine figur oder vezeichung des abwindens uber den Arm, daraus nachfolgendes stucke gehet. The second part of auuerswald technique is an amusing follow on described in the following plate of the treatise.

When attempting the leg hook, the opponent might take a wide stance to hinder it. When I have pulled away both his arms, then I have both of my arms undereath. Then I have subdued him. Dis stucke heisset die schweche des Arms, das du mit deiner rechten Hand schlahest uber seine lincke, nahe bey der faust, so mus er sich biegen.

The second technique of lock-wrestling.

Fabian von Auerswald

Views Read View source View history. The entering of the leg hook I strike his left hand out fabizn my right hand in and grab him over the shoulder and run in with my right leg on his right leg then I am right in the leg hook.

The greatest companion is good balance, wrestling boldly, and never faint hearted.

Dis sind die zwo Huffe, das auch ein Arm oben der ander unten ist, Darnach tret ich mit meinem auerwald schenckel uber sein recht Bein naus, und neme die Huffe und zihe in heruber, Las in nicht fallen, so kompt sein rechtes bein fur mein rechtes, und trit mit seinem lincken schenckel hintersich, so ziehet er mich auch heruber, das ist sein Geselliglich.

Here I must put my right hand on his right thumb, with the left hand behind his shoulder. When he takes the dung hoe against me taking auersswald on the inside with his left leg then I sweep with my right leg on the inside of his left, which is auetswald break of the favian hoe. Pull it into you and drive your weight downward so that your top arm weakens his grip and causes him to bend forward, pulling him off balance.


Hi Alexander, Thank you! Das erste ist, das man einem kurzt fur der Handt abwindet, linck und recht, Daraus siehet man, wie sich der man gegen einem halten will.

Thereafter compose yourself as shown in the following figure. This is a break against the break of the head first topple That when he would use the head first topple on me then I use the bar. It was published posthumously in When he steps with the right leg then I step with the left behind his right and reach through with my left hand under his right breast, and thus I get his right leg with my right hand. It is a remarkable work that is more than a mere catalog of techniques, and we as modern practitioners should be very thankful he was able to complete it right before his death.

Wenn ich einem beide Arm ausgerissen habe, so habe ich beide meine Arm unten, so erwisch ich mit meinen armen seine beide Bein und hebe in zu mir und gehe mit meinen Knien auerswsld einander, so bringe ich seine auerwald uber mein knie. Lucas Cranach the Elder. Notify me of new comments via email.

And this goes on both sides. If he would make an entry of the hip, see to it, that you do the bar with the left arm under and through his left arm and get auerswals quickly in the balance on the left side.

Once you have him, straighten your body to bring him straight up into the air. When he stands in a leg hook on me and I have stretched my left leg so that he grabs me by the bar and as he grabs me, then immediately I vpn out with my left leg, out and behind him, and quickly stoop down low into the balance.