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Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk was one of the final products WotC published for E D&D before the 4E announcement (in fact. Product Blurb: A Dungeons & Dragons super-adventure for characters of levels 8 – Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is a page D&D super-adventure. Title – Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk Publisher – Wotc Format – Hardback Pages – MSRP – $ Reviewer – Glenn Vincent.

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All these excusions are necessary to the adventure while also being greyhawo tips of the hat to the World of Greyhawk setting more generally. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. As the wizard’s palace descended, his paranoia that others would steal his secrets or prevent his ascension increased, and the arcane traps and bound expeddition he left to protect the abandoned levels above him greyhzwk more and more powerful and eccentric.

The difference is that, while the Doombot is only revealed as such at the end, the false Iggwilv is revealed as such fairly quickly. It was there that the Mad Archmage imprisoned nine demigods to carve a sliver of divinity for himself nearly a century ago, and it is there that the maddened simulacrum of Iggwilv learns more about her past and dreams godly dreams of her own.

The demigod abandons caution and manifests in the lower dungeons of Castle Greyhawk to punish the PCs for their treachery, only to be magically drawn through a nearby wall and into the waiting prison of Iggwilv’s simulacrum.

ERGH includes extensive material on the City of Greyhawk, the Green Dragon Inn, various Greyhawk personages and a number of sidetreks that have little or nothing to do with the main plot. Arctic rated it liked it Mar 21, The Problem There are several problems with the plot and how it is executed. The six adventurers were no match for the enraged Iuz, who escaped certain death in the clutches of Bigby’s notorious crushing hand by plane shifting to the Abyss.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk – Wikipedia

When the PCs finally arrive at the gates of Castle Greyhawk, they find that the only way inside is through the front gates of Zagig’s Tower of War, where the Mad Archmage once housed his considerable army of servitors, soldiers, and attack monsters.


Chapter 6 In Zagig’s Shadow: Castle Greyhawk owes much of its renown to the eccentricities greyyhawk the Mad Archmage Zagig Yragerne, and Zagig owes much of his fame to the city he once led, a sordid metropolis of opportunistic adventurers, crooked merchants, and fools delving in magical secrets best left undisturbed.

With the discovery of Zagig’s Prison, Mordenkainen decided to try to prevent that return from ever happening. Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is an adventure book for the 3. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: The above seven points do not begin to encompass all of the juicy Greyhawk tidbuts scattered throughout ERGH but they hit the highlights.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Refresh and try again. You can do a few preliminary explorations of your own by reading our excerpts from Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. Chapter 4 City of Hawks, City of Thieves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The authors have quietly turned part of an adventure book into a City of Greyhawk gazetteer.

In the company of his apprentice Bigby, the fearless Lord Robilar, and the willful cleric Riggby, the wizard relentlessly explored the ruins of Zagig’s castle, charting its secrets and plundering its priceless treasures.

Over the years a handful of lesser demons and shapeshifters appeared on the scene claiming Iuz’s Throne of Bone, whipping the fractured cult of the Old One into temporary frenzy until being dispatched by rivals. Return to Book Page.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

After it was all over, safe on the skull-adorned battlements of his grisly palace, Iuz swore vengeance upon the adventurers expediition had attempted to kill him, dedicating a portion of his eternal rage to plotting their destruction.

Frank rated it liked it Jun 24, Friday, 3rd August, Shannon Appelcline notes that Greyhawk Ruins was remade into the 3E-compatible Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawkand while the book was published by Wizards, it was written by Paizo staffers such as Erik Mona and James Jacobs. As a Greyhawk book, it is superior. Trivia About Expedition to the Hardcoverpages. Mashburn rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Views Read Edit View history.


As just an adventure, it is subpar. Books by Jason Bulmahn.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

After using the artifact — a shard from a magic-infused obsidian formation called the Obelisk — to trap Iuz in a bid to gain true sentience as a living being, Iggwilv’s simulacrum sundered it into three pieces, which she has placed within three foreign planes in phase with the castle. Iuz built a sinister empire that once held the northern lands of the Flanaess in fear and constantly threatened the surrounding kingdoms in an attempt to rule the entire world of Oerth.

Everything is in place for Iuz’s final vengeance against the adventuring heroes of the last generation. Second, within the context of the City of Greyhawk mini-gazetteer, the Green Dragon Inn is described in considerable detail, providing characters with a familiar place to call home within the City of Greyhawk.

He has an appointment with the false Iggwilv and the God-Trap and the PCs are not to be allowed to derail the plot. Rachel rated it liked it Jul 23, Key in hand, they meet the angriest wizard of all, Mordenkainen, and his special message for the PCs will serve them well in the Tower of Magic and beyond.

Tim rated it really liked it Jan 15, Reset Fields Log in.

Grexxor rated it really liked it Oct 09, Iuz remained imprisoned just as Zagig had left him sixty-five years prior. The expedihion had come to stop the dangerous gambit, but arrived too late. Again, this is unsatisfying. The heroes of Oerth are villains on Uerth and they have found a way to crossover, giving Greyhawk new villains who are tied to the setting through their well known counterparts.