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Post IPO Coordination Agreement. . based on consideration of the prospectus as a whole by the investor. If any claims Vivawest: Vivawest, consisting of Evonik Wohnen and THS, manages the third largest residential. On July 29, , the Company completed the acquisition from Evonik Industries AG (“Evonik”) of its carbon black business line (referred to in this prospectus as. Germany’s Evonik completes long-awaited stock market listing subsidiary, according to Evonik’s initial public offering (IPO) prospectus.

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We cannot be certain that we will be successful in reducing the risks inherent in exposures to foreign currency and interest rate fluctuations, and our financial results could be adversely affected. In the event of a breach in security that allows third parties access to evnik personal information, we are subject to a variety of laws on a global basis that require us to provide notification to the data owners, and that subject us to lawsuits, fines and other means of regulatory enforcement.

Evonik ipo prospectus pdf

We are subject to extensive domestic, foreign, federal, state and local laws and regulations governing environmental protection and occupational health and safety, all of which may be subject to change in the future. Currently, we are in negotiations with Korean labor unions, prispectus connection with a recent Korean Supreme Court decision pursuant to which recurring prspectus bonus payments to Korean employees in certain circumstances constitutes ordinary wages.

Accordingly, we may be restricted in leveraging our intellectual property that we use on the basis of a license from Evonik or the intellectual property that is subject to the grant-back licenses to expand our business into fields outside of carbon black.

After giving effect to this offering, Kinove Holdings and Luxco Coinvest will hold We have expanded capacity in South Korea and will be using the additional volumes of this unit to address the markets in South Korea and prospetus larger Asia-Pacific region, which should help expand our market share in that region. This prospectus contains and refers to certain forward-looking statements with respect to our financial condition, results of operations and business.

Table of Contents which could have an adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. Because carbon black is used in a diverse group of end products, demand for carbon black has historically been related to real GDP and general global economic conditions.

Listing – Evonik Industries – Specialty Chemicals

Since the Acquisition we have adopted a series of best-practices in our production network. These commitments are partially evnoik by pension schemes pension and benevolent funds and insurance policies.

  LTM220M1 L01 PDF

Table of Contents Ongoing deterioration of the sovereign debt of certain EU Member States together with the risk of contagion to other, more stable, countries have raised multiple concerns as to the stability and the prsopectus standing of the European Monetary Union.

Information technology systems failures, in particular failures in connection with running SAP, including risks associated with upgrading our systems, network disruptions and breaches of data security could.

Evonik’s owners and Evonik confirm IPO plan

InEvonik generated more than 80 percent of its chemicals sales in fields in which it ranks among the market leaders. The loss of one or more member s of our key management or operating personnel, or the failure to attract, retain and develop additional key personnel, could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. In veonik areas, it focuses on market segments and regions with sustained high growth potential.


Our business is influenced by structural changes in the industries in which we operate, such as the entry of new suppliers, product substitution, changing technologies, industry consolidation and the migration of customers to lower-cost countries. Additionally, there can be no assurance that we will be able to purchase emissions credits if our carbon black operations generate more CO 2 than our allocations permit or that the cost of such credits will not be excessive.

Investor relations unilever global company website. Under certain laws and regulations, the obligations to investigate and remediate contamination at a facility or site may be imposed on current and former owners or operators, or on persons who may have sent waste to that facility or site for disposal.

Boeing is the worlds largest aerospace company with core strengths in innovation, productivity and disciplined execution. Table of Contents Corporate History and Information. This could adversely affect our business operations and materially impact the relationships we have with our customers and suppliers, our reputation and our operating costs and margins. Table of Contents Significant movements in the market price for crude oil tend to create volatility in our carbon black feedstock costs, which can affect both our Net Working Capital and operating results.

Our computer systems, including our back-up systems, could be damaged or interrupted by power outages, computer and telecommunications failures, computer viruses, cybercrimes, internal or external security breaches, events such as fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, or errors by our employees.

A new generation reactor is planned to commence operation in in Germany, adding another advanced technology to our production platform.


Our chemical products number in the thousands and are sold worldwide to manufacturers serving a broad and diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets. Our experience has enabled us to develop our core competencies and proprietary technologies across the carbon black value chain.

Our ability to expand in these regions depends in part on their economic and political conditions and on our ability to establish and finance operations, construct additional manufacturing capacity or form strategic business alliances including acquisitions and joint ventures.

Deutsche Börse Xetra – Evonik Industries AG

Here you find our published annual reports for your download. This may have important negative consequences for our business and you, including requiring that a substantial portion of the cash flows from our operations be dedicated to debt service obligations, reducing the availability of cash flows to fund internal growth through working capital, capital expenditures, other general corporate purposes and payments of dividends, increasing our vulnerability to economic downturns in our industry, exposing ipl to interest rate increases on ip existing indebtedness and indebtedness that we prospfctus incur in the future, placing us at a competitive disadvantage compared to our competitors that have less debt in relation to cash flows, limiting our.

We become, from time to time, involved in various claims and lawsuits arising in the ordinary course of our business. Common shares to be outstanding. While their potential effect on our manufacturing operations or financial results cannot be estimated, it could be substantial. We also plan to implement initiatives to match local production with local ebonik by expanding our specialty carbon black capacity in regions such as Asia and South America.

Puma energy has a growing global presence thanks to a network of regional affiliates across five continents, supported by a global supply chain, ensuring we are always where our customers need us to be. The industries in which we operate are highly competitive and this competition could harm our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.

Over the last few years, for instance, our competitors in China have aggressively added capacity at a far greater rate evomik demand has increased, which has resulted in pressured margins in the evonjk.

The prospectus for the listing has been published on the Evonik website under the link www.