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If you own Pavel Tsatsouline’s popular kettlebell manifesto Enter the Kettlebell, you will love our “ETK” workbook. It turns the ETK philosophy. Enter the Kettlebell Workbook – KB program based on Pavel’s ETK. This workbook is a companion to Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Enter the Kettlebell” (ETK) available through in book and DVD form. You must.

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ETK & the Program Minimum [Archive] – Warrior Talk Forums

Does anyone know how to do pumps? I did this, I worked up from program minimum barely able to TGU a 16kg to ending the ROP able to do press ladders with the 40kg, it took a long time. My Lift Blog http: If you’re 3 weeks in, I’d suggest adding the “Clean, Press, and Snatch Practice” after each warmup session for 15 minutes as Pavel suggest on page I have the book but I cannot find it at the moment. And no you probably cant go for 12 straight. Not sure which is right, but that’s how I read ETK.

Thanks for all the help. CC Volume 5 – Maximum Strength: For light days, we just did the same number of minutes as the heavy day at the recommended percentages.

When tek doing the ROP, some days you roll a 12, some days you roll a 1. That’s okay, the timer still provides a good baseline to work with. Did you see anything you would do differently?

I’m sticking with the The next time your roll a twelve, try to get more reps in.

Start in the push up position, feet shoulder width apart. Pavel specializes in teaching breakthrough fitness techniques to elite athletes and people who are naturally motivated. I wouldn’t worry about timing the swings as it’s more important to maintain perfect form. Just asked because having worked out at the Monkeybar gym for a while I remember we had a column where to note down the amount of weight we used during each Kettlebell exercise.


You should strive to complete the program in its entirety. It just took all the thought out of it for me and I just opened the page and git going. Atl, What did you not like about it? Thanks for the feedback! Share Share this post on Digg Del. This means I will have to start lighter than I thought due to each set being 20 reps each.

I started with 2 hand swings. Join Date Jan Posts Now that I think I’ve got that down I do both 2 hand and 1 hand swings in the same workout. Join Date Nov Posts I’m still working the PM, swings and workook for awhile. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

If you’ve had wkrkbook creating your own ETK training program, this etm is for you! Roll a 4 and go for 4 min. As a company with powerful friends in the world of strength and conditioning, Dragon Door offers the world’s premier resources for functional fitness and the highest level of physical performance. I think you’re a little ahead of me, I believe the dice roll is a part of the RoP. Enter the Kettlebell Workbook: Takes all the guesswork out of it. If it is possible for me to do the program – I will use the workbook again unless there is a great reason posted not to.

As long as you’re getting minutes of some type of swing interval in, and doing them et, you should be okay. The Best Books of I have been lifting kettlebells for 6 years and I still cant make it to 12 min.


Enter the Kettlebell Workbook : Art of Strength

I alternate hands every 10 reps in the air. Looking for beautiful books? Sometimes I don’t quite get through the full 2 min. Also where would you note down what weight kettlebells you used?

Hi Housertl, Thank you for clarifying this for me. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. On the same page, Pavel writes: I’m not sure what this link really is piefilesbut is it legal to distribute these copyrighted materials like this?

Policies Terms Site Map.

I have some of ArtofStrengths products and like them alot. Etm Pavel’s instruction to go to a “Comfortable Stop,” then slow jog for 1 minute lather, rinse, and repeat for 12 minutes. I’ve found I have about the same pace as you, 20 swings in 30 seconds on average. Just take your time.

Raising the Bar e-book. As I understand it, that means some type of interval for 12 minutes, as there’s no way I can swing for 12 minutes straight yet. Also since I have not used the same weight kettlebells for each exercise so was not sure whether the Note box would give me enough room to note those weights down.