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Skannaus PDF-tiedostoon Skannaus pilvipalveluun tai muihin kohteisiin Nidottujen kuvien skannaus ArcSoft Scan-n-. Stitch Deluxe. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C Model: C11CG Product Home. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C Downloads; FAQs. ET User’s Guide, Print Page. ET User’s Guide · Your Ink Tank System · Product Basics · Wi-Fi Networking · Loading Paper · Placing Originals on the.

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Read and accept the Usage Advisory and click Next to continue.


skannaks Setup the printer’s network connection using the printer’s software disc if you have not already skkannaus this. Register from iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Open your preferred web browser, i. When you have signed in you will see the confirmation screen shown below, tap the Finish printer fpson button to continue. Palaa tukivaihtoehtoihin kohteelle EcoTank ET Alternatively, use the following instructions to use Epson Printer Finder: For more detailed information on how to register your printer to Google Cloud Print, refer to one of the following links: The Google Cloud Print setup will then continue, please wait.


You will automatically be taken to the Google website. When you have signed in you will see the confirmation screen shown below, click the Finish printer registration button to continue. Google Cloud Print setup is now complete. Make sure your printer has been added to your network. To continue with the setup process you will need to have a Google account, if you don’t have a Google account, visit mail. What is Epson Printer Finder?

Alternatively, print a Network Status sheet to obtain your printer’s IP address. Select Google Cloud Print Setup. Safari and enter your printer’s IP address into the address field.

ET User’s Guide

Refer to the article below for further information on Epson Printer Finder: Google Cloud Print 1. Click Google Cloud Print Services.

Find a repair centre close. If you are already signed into your Google Account, you may not see the screen above.

How to setup Google Cloud Print for Chromebooks. Read and accept the Usage Advisory epsom tap Next to continue.

The below message will be displayed and a confirmation sheet will print to confirm the setup has been successful. Tap the Register button to continue. The Printer Status page will then be shown in a web browser window.


Open your preferred web browser, i.

Tuki ja lataukset – EcoTank ET – Epson

Select the printer you would like to register from the list and click Open Setup Page from the Printer Status page. Click the Register button to continue.

Tap Google Cloud Print Services. Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome to open the printer’s web interface.

Move onto the next step. Do the following to register your dpson with Google Cloud Print: Internet Explorer and enter your printer’s IP address into the address field. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your printer with Google Cloud Print.

Google Chrome and enter your printer’s IP address into the address field. See your User’s Guide for more information on doing this. At this point you can either create a new Google account or sign in with your existing skannas details. How do I register my printer with Google Cloud Print?