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Una de las facetas más interesantes de la ENDUTIH está en la revisión que se hace del uso de telecomunicaciones a nivel estatal. Una nación. Ghana Living Standards Survey / Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Estimate to December based on ENDUTIH survey. Refers to total. National Survey on Availability and Use of ICT in Households, ENDUTIH. International Telecommunications Union (ITU) () ITU World.

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In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications 8.

In AprilCongress approved a “Social Communication Law” to regulate government expenses in advertising. Articulo 19,” March 20, ” http: Civil society organizations argued that these contracts were illegal because many of the agencies involved lacked constitutional or legal authority to conduct surveillance or espionage.

Freedom on the Net 2018 – Mexico

While access has steadily improved, Mexico’s internet freedom environment declined due to prolific manipulation tactics that distorted online discussions ahead of the elections. Concerns about election bots, trolls and fakes,” BBCMay 30,https: Mexico continued to be one of the most violent environments in the world for online journalists and bloggers, and the government has used 2021 to justify increased surveillance. In Februarythe Supreme Court also ruled in favor of Televisa, ordering IFT to revisit its finding that the company had “substantial power” in the pay-TV market.

While the Mexican government does not systematically request the removal of online content from intermediaries, news sites, and hosting services, social media platforms and search engines recorded removal requests over the past year.

GHO | Global Observatory on eHealth – Key Indicators | Internet usage – by country

Other reports pointed to users misusing the flagging system to report content on social media. Digital media have continued to serve as an important forum for internet users in Mexico.


Los ODM a nivel subnacional.

In 76 percent of the cases, Facebook released some information. Advanced Search Search Tips. Freedom of expression Freedom of information. In a context of distrust due to the recent revelations of illegal surveillance practices see “Surveillance, Privacy and Anonymity” endutiy, a National Cybersecurity Strategy introduced in sparked concerns among digital rights activists who highlighted the lack of control or transparency mechanisms within the strategy.

Ahora amenazan mediante grabaciones” [ You’re deadsays a voice. Online manipulation and disinformation campaigns endutlh been a recurring phenomenon since the elections, and once again proliferated in the run-up to the presidential and congressional elections.

Even in the face of cyberattacks, harassment, and physical violence, citizens make regular use of digital tools to raise awareness about human rights abuses related to violence in the country and to mobilize protests against gender violence, for example using the hashtag YoTambien MeTooMiPrimerAcoso MyFirstHarassment and SiMeMatan IfIAmMurdered. Social networking sites and international blog-hosting services are available in Mexico.

InReporters Without Borders declared that Mexico, and particularly the state of Veracruz, remained the most dangerous country in Latin America for journalists and one of the most dangerous in the world. Under that law, Article forces companies to provide users’ geolocation among other communications metadata to police, military, or intelligence agencies endutuh real time.

By mid, companies 202 not yet changed their prices as a result of this decision.

National Survey on Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households (ENDUTIH)

Mobile cellular subscriptions per inhabitants – UN official. Despite the challenges, however, financially independent digital media outlets are appearing in Mexico, enriching the media ecosystem with alternative agendas that support human rights and the endktih to information. Despite revelations about Mexico’s use of digital spying technologies to target journalists, human rights lawyers, activists, and political figures, no significant advances were made to investigate these abuses see Surveillance, Privacy, and Anonymity.

In Februarya mayor filed a criminal complaint for “attacks against honor” against the digital outlet Contramuro. Online gender-based violence has become a critical problem in the country, affecting women journalists, politicians, feminists and organizations. Advanced search of MDG. In AugustCitizen Lab and Mexican partner organizations had documented at least 21 cases of journalists, human rights lawyers, activists, and political figures being targeted with the spying software Pegasus.


Bots, trolls and fake accounts were active on social media platforms in the run-up to presidential elections inspreading disinformation and propaganda to promote or attack certain candidates see Media, Diversity, and Content Manipulation. Most recently updated period.


INEGI through ENDUITH generates annual statistical information regarding the availability of information technology in communities and homes, as well as their use by individuals, especially internet users; in this survey, an internet user is defined as an individual of 6 or more years of age that on a frequent or everyday basis on his or her own initiative has accessed and carried out some activity on the internet on any site in the last 12 months.

Some 20 million users have Instagram. Using the tense security situation and the war on drugs as justification, the government has continued to expand surveillance powers with little accountability and oversight. Thursday, 27 December The Mexican Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and privacy of personal communications.

Informe ,” March 20,https: As a result of these practices, public awareness about online manipulation and the spread of disinformation increased, spurring fact-checking initiatives such as Verificadowhich sought to counter these narratives by partnering with local and national media outlets.

Select year During the election campaign, bots, trolls and fake accounts aggressively spread online propaganda and disinformation promoting or attacking certain candidates on social media.