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Crescendo. Millennium Edition remake of a famous amplifier. Design by T. Giesberts. In early , Elektor magazine beat the com- petition hands-down by. Crescendo Millennium Edition amplifier (mono block) (). Crescendo ME with 2SK/2SJ and lower voltage. Post by zymorg» Mon May 16, pm. Hello, I am looking for a good amplifier circuit and with.

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Crescendo Millenium Edition remake of a famous amplifier. I cresscendo the case and took the plans to a local metal shop to build for me.

ELEKTOR FORUMS • View topic – Crescendo ME with 2SK/2SJ and lower voltage

I hope to use these people http: Can this soft start circuit be used with other amp kits too? I do appreciate Neeraj’s offer.

Hmm, wonder what amp would the PCB is used for? It doesn’t look much, but its been going non-stop since May Hi Simeon, Very nice job, full stereo mono layout!! The Hackaday Prize.

Kristjan Mohorič

Send a private message. Sign up Already a member? Some of elektoe that i built in the past are: Hi Ron, I agree with Nick, this is superb work, beautiful quality.


It will clear KHz hash I suggest that you do a full-featured professional-quality PCB with solder-mask and silkscreen – it is more useful for DIYers that way. Capt, the BOM and circuit are in the link in post 8 in this thread.

Sonic crescrndo are exceptional!!! Some PCB’s are are laying Unused. Let me know when its Delivered.

Nelder, Geoff Online Contents TV Elektor Ethics Back to top. Fishmalt, That is a very impressive case. Thank you very much. This adds huge depth and lovely refinement to a steel top It is always impressive to see the variety of different designs that people come up with. Become cool instantly Create your Hackaday. Elektor “Crescendo” amplifier For my high school finals i made a class AB amplifier.

elektor Mini-Crescendo

Just for a change, I decided to design an amp from a musical instrument standpoint rather than an engineering standpoint. With your experience, and that of so many others here, we have an incredibly valuable discussion group about AKSAs which is very elemtor to new builders and those considering their first purchase. For further questions please contact our TIB customer service. Zoran, welcome to our forum, and thank you sincerely for pictures of your superbly built AKSA!

I am using standard cases, elektir adding special touches to make it look unique.


Please post some details of the amplifier. What’s new New posts Latest activity. I hope to build a matching preamp kit sometime down the road.

Cheers, Martyn That’s nice and neat. This is a perfect match for my Marantz CD63 and newly purchased Triangles. The phono connectors look unusual. I cringe a bit looking at the wiring, but at the time I didn’t know any better. The amplifier sounds very well but it lacks the “soul”.

Eurocircuits :: View article details

My newer built amps may look a bit better, but none sound as good. I appreciate your comments about the design.

There are surely not very many circuit designs that continue to enjoy such a high level of interest more than ten years after their original appearance, as does the Crescendo power amplifier from The output power is 90 watts into 8 ohms or watts into 4 ohms, which should leave little to be desired for most users.

Hi, QUAD – exactly this is crecendo i mean.