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Eleconhydrokinetinc fluid coupling traction type: instructions for installation and Should any questions remain outstanding after consultatioin of this brochure. MANUAL. Elecon- hydrokinetic fluid coupling traction type: instruction for. Manual No. brochure, please contect us immediately and one of our specialists . Jan 19, ELECON TRACTION TYPE HYDROKINETIC FLUID COUPLING w w w. e l e c o n. c o m C at al og ue N o.: 1 49 /G /1 1/ 07 R 2 National.

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It can source from us in bulk quantity at a wholesale rate.

Elecon Fluid Coupling Catalogue

Elecon- Epex – series single shaft extruder gear units. The flexible coupling must have flanged hub atleast on one side. Different models of alignment jigs can be fitted on the machinery for the alignment purpose. Call Send a quick message. Elecon Vatalogue Worm equivalent Spiral bevel cum Helical gearbox vertical output shaft for application like oil extractors, sand muller etc.

Offered in 3 sizes covering full range of hollow shaft fluid couplings. These alignment jigs are rugged and simple to use without need of special skills. We offer following types of Alignment Jigs.


Click Image To See Enlarged Different types of Alignment Jigs by Fluidomat meet specific requirements of alignment for their different types of fluid couplings. We present an exquisite series of Elecon Fluid Coupling best known for its durability and long-lasting nature. Fluid Coupling Support Tools: Camlock Couplings in New Delhi.

Elecon Gear Motors and Gear Units. Parallel shaft geared motors can either have a solid shaft – or alternatively a hollow shaft as so-called couplijg gear unit.

The available speed regulation range depends on the type of load. Elecon Slewing Gear Unit Drive.

Proper alignment of drive with machines is of great value: Elecon 2mw Windmill Gearbox. The efficiency is eledon better than that of pure worm geared motors due to the implementation as helical-worm geared motors. Industrial Coupling in New Delhi.

Elecon Gear Motors & Gearbox (Gear Units) – Global Technologies

P drive of off-shore patrol vessel. Alignment of shafts done first and then fluid coupling installed thus achieving very good accuracy of alignment.

Fluidomat offers range of alignment jigs of various types and sizes for different applications. Offered only one size but with 4 different sizes of chains and adjustable sliding flats. Elecon Rents planetary gearbox for bucket wheel drive of Stacker i Reclaimer with integral motor base frame.


ELIGN Gear coupling is a simple, compact and light unit for transmitting the same power when compared to the couplings of similar capacity available in the market.

Application Industrial Brand elecon Size 12″ to 55″ circuit diameter. Number of Employees Upto 10 People. Brand Elecon type Coupling Size to da N. Your catlaogue has been sent successfully. FC to 3. Your requirement has been sent successfully.

Fluid Couplings

FBC to 0. Call Elecom Call Response Rate: Fluid Fittings in Mumbai. See Operating and Control Ranges in the catalogue. Alignment done after installation of flexible coupling halves on respective shafts.