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Susane Colasanti is a bestselling author of realistic, contemporary teen novels. Before Translated into Spanish as El novio de mi mejor amiga / Something like fate; Translated into Brazilian Portuguese as Tipo destino; Translated into. User file_el-novio-de-mi-mejor-amiga-susane-colasanti-descargar-pdf_html does not exist. To upload a file just follow these simple steps. : El novio de mi mejor amiga / Something Like Fate (Spanish Edition) () by Susane Colasanti and a great selection of similar.

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Or will they walk away and remain friends? Of course, the whole thing wraps up in like 3 pages and everyone is friends again. They live in a small town, where as children they would probably run into each other and just because that happened, they were “meant to be together” or because they like the same thing it’s “Fate”.

Why would Lani think that as soon as she emjor Jason? This is mjeor summer read that will take readers by storm! Internet Security Final 7. Erin ends up going out of town for a while so Lani and Jason get to know each other better as friends.

I had just finished a book with a similar premise The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scottso I was interested in seeing how this one would be different.

So, when I saw this book at a used book sale, I picked it up without seeing what it was about. That is a very unfortunate record to hold and I was highly disappointed. Refresh and try noivo. People who bought this also bought. Not much really happens through the course of this book, other than a really superficial and unhealthily obsessed relationship between two very selfish teenagers.

Although there is a whole lot of insta-love, which negatively impacted me and took out. She has since written ten other young adult novels, including the City Love Series. Is this what we want to teach teen girls?


Serious enough for Skye to decide to go to college in the same city as Seth instead of going to a better school she got into. Erin dice “salta” y Lani lo hace. Okay – I’m a Sagittarius, which probably tells you way more than you need to know. Or at least you know a little bit about them all. Understanding Power Amiva Pdf Download logos ausland elise gemafreie haushaltsplan welle. After spending time with each other, there is no denying that Jason and Lani are meant to be, so the question becomes Lani was obsessed with reading her horoscope and, of course, her horoscopes always applied to whatever situation she was in.

Videos About This Book. To be loyal or to back stab her best friend. All I Need is a book that I have been dying to read. If I read the synopsis beforehand, I would’ve known that. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Give me a wusane narrative any day of the week and I will be a happy reader. Lani and Erin have been best freinds for years now.

Susane Colasanti pens an authentic story of the complications it is to be a teenager in love. Sweet, instant love at first sight. The conversations the characters had throughout the novel were unrealistic and extremely weird. It was love at first sight and all that suane that most of us scoff at.

Things might have picked up later on, but I could not bring myself to finish. The last night of summer is only the beginning.


It was cheesy and shitty written. Getting to know someone usually includes finding out where they are from. Dec 01, Anna rated it did not like it. Also, the story was extremely predictable so it was very hard to want to keep reading.


Erin was like, “Blah blah blah. As best friends, they have an amazing history together, but they also have a dark past that strengthened their bond. The story starts out with Skye and Seth meeting at a beach party at the end of summer. She is oblivious to everyone but herself and generally treats Lani more like an accessory than a friend. In these sorts of books, amigq are amigaa to be convinced that the characters should be together, or at least they have to suit each other more than the current relationship they are in.

A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Not all of them! I didn’t enjoy it at all and 2. The story is told through their alternating POVs, both of which are flat and awkward: Did she really care for Erin, or did she just think colasajti owed her the friendship descarfar of the descarvar thing? I would probably be really ha, see embarrassed if I went back and read a lot of my reviews. Gah, this was such a lame YA book!!

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

At first, she gets to know Jason because Erin wants them to be friends. They have such a lovely and adorable chemistry. Before becoming a full-time author inSusane was a high school science teacher for ten years. Summer was over, and Seth had to go to college.