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The Original grounded grid triode introduced in the early s. Now obsolete part number. Power dissipation: w. EIMAC Z. Later version of Z. The EIMAC Z is a compact power triode intended to be used as a zero- as high as twenty times can be obtained with the Z in a cathode-driven. Tube Z or Röhre Z ID, Transmitting Triode, air cooled, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in Brand: Eimac (brand name) Typ ZG mit Graphitanode.

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Register for a free QRZ account. The kit came with 2 new Eimac Z’s with date codes as seen in the pictures, I broke the seal on the boxes last week in order take pictures of the tubes and double check the date codes.

Phone -FAX – Important Rules Have you read our Swapmeet Rules? After research I do not dimac the equipment or know how to De-Gas the tubes before use and did not want to eiac using them so I installed a set of RF Parts ZG’s I had for another amplifier.

Eimac, 3-500Z

The anode of the operates at a visibly red color at its maximum rated dissipation of Watts. Thoriated Tungsten Voltage 5. For best tube life, the inrush current to the filament should be limited to two times normal current 3-50z turn-on. I’m also interested in Begali cw products paddle especially I can only assume they are good-spare as they wimac marked as such by the former owner good-spare on a note affixed to each of the 3 tubes.

If this procedure is followed, there will be little variation in output power when the tube is changed, even though there may be some variation in grid current. K7JOEJun 17, When a socket other than the SK is used, provisions must be made for equivalent cooling of the base, the envelope, and the plate lead. Sincere effort has been given to provide an accurate and correct replication.


This page has ben scanned and OCR’ed from the Eimac data-sheet. Filament voltage, as measured at the socket, should be maintained within the range of 4.

There should be a serial number engraved on each one, so it would be OK sell with a refund option. I do not know what they are worth.

SOLD – N.O.S. Eimac z tubes dates | QRZ Forums

Breakage will result in in flying glass fragements, so safety glasses, heavy clothing, and leather gloves are recommended for protection.

Share This Page Your name or email address: Other Z eeimac were labeled and boxed soft and short to ground and those were sold to a ham radio callsign display maker; I assume there was a method to the madness. I got these several months back, out of an SK estate, in hopes of getting a amp. A eomac connecting strap should be provided between the heat dissipating plate connector and the external plate circuit. Our moderators review every post in this forum and will flag or delete those that do not conform.

This will minimize thermal stress on the thoriated-tungsten filament wire, which can cause internal tube geometry changes with repeated cycling. It has only been provided to the aide of the Radio Amateur Community. My email address is good on QRZ. Intermodulation values listed are those measured at the full peak envelope power noted. N5FUNMay 7, N5FUNMay 10, I’m open to other interesting stuff but I’d like to keep the lot of 3 tubes intact as someone who gets them can getter them all, test eimacc, and likely wind up with 1,2, or 3 good tubes.


The Eimac tubes have never been installed or tested and due to age and possible gassing issues your are buying them at risk and I will not take returns. In all cases, air flow rates in excess of the minimum requirements will prolong tube life.

Given the duration of time that I’ve owned them, and that they likely sat eikac for a few years unused as spares from the original now-SK owner, I would fully expect you to getter these before use. Design equipment so that no one can come in contact with high voltages.

I ultimately went with a solid state amp and then a backup amp which is B based and so I am not going to every use these Z tubes. Local pickup is ekmac and I will except PayPal, money order, cash. Adjustment of the rf grid voltage to obtain the specified eimc current at the specified bias and plate voltages is assumed.

Not open for further replies. These figures may change without notice as the result of additional data or product refinement.

3-500Z Tubes

The Elmac Z is a compact power triode intended to be used as a zero-bias Class AB 2 amplifier in audio or radio-frequency applications. They have not been tested in an amp.

The only discernible identification numbers are 4-digit numbers in red ink on the tubes- one tube is 90XX, one tube is emiac and one tube is 70XX. Make sure that you’re familiar with the rules before posting or replying in this area. K1FBIJun 17,