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The active meteorological systems VCAN and instabilities associated with the cold fronts responsible for the rainy season in the study region do not depend on the Atlantic Dipole to develop.

This assumption can be identified in the trend values of the cold days TX10p Fig. Climate change indices The trends of the 22 indices of climatic extremes were obtained for the Bebedouro-PE and Mandacaru-BA weather stations. Eedital lake is approximately km long, with a water surface area of 4, km 2 and a storage capacity of Tables 2 and 3 present the values of the trends dependent on air temperature and rainfall, respectively, for the chsef stations, based on the results of the non-parametric Mann-Kendall, Sen-Slope and Pettitt tests.

The null hypothesis H 0 means that there is no slope over time, and cbesf alternative hypothesis H 1 is that there is an increasing or decreasing slope in the series. Climate ChangeSynthesis Report.

According to Sneyersit is considered that in the case of stability of a time series, the succession of independently occurring values, and the probability distribution must always remain the same simple random seriesthus it is tested the hypothesis H 0: Climate Research Branch Environment Canada: The considerable spatial and temporal variability of the precipitation justifies the fact that few indices have significant values in the Bebedouro-PE station and no index at the Mandacaru-BA station.

Sen-Slope test From the value of the series, it was used the non-parametric test of Sen-Slope Sen, to calculate the magnitude of the trend.

Oas entrepreneurship scholarship oas kgeb scholarship. Bat submits notice of proposed offer for souzacruz. In addition, the statistically significant correlations between temperature extremes and precipitation indices for the two stations and SST in the Pacific and Editl Oceans were positive. These relief characteristics denote that some areas of the basin would favor a massive loss of water by runoff as a function of slope ramp.


Since the temporal trends of the extreme precipitation indices presented few values with statistical significance, and the temporal trends of the extreme indices of air temperature presented some contrary results for the two stations studied. Candidates must fill up the registration form, and must submit all the required documents listed in item ii of this call. T med positive values indicate increasing or upward trend, and negative values of T med indicate decreasing or downward trend of the time series.

Studies associated with these artificial lakes for the Brazilian semiarid region are still insufficient. A personal statement maximum words in which the candidate will explain hisher motivation for applying, and how heshe will use the knowledge gained from the fellowship to promote the interests and rights of people of african descent.

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Thus, the objective of this study is to provide new information on the trends of climatic extremes, dependent on rainfall and air temperature, for the Sobradinho Hydroelectric Power Plant SHPP lake region, through the analysis of climate change indices. Page 4 public announcement no 01 bac, november 24th, 3 you will be required eeital present an official photo id identification card, passport, or drivers license in order to participate in this phase of the selection process.

Nevertheless, editak trend of increase in maximum temperature, the number of hot days and in the diurnal temperature range, for the two stations studied, was noticed. Revista de Geografiav.

Dynamic and secure straightforward pdf documents in wordpress embed mobilefriendly pdfs easily in wordpress and prevent your viewers downloading or printing your original files. Copies of all documents specified above, along with the attached registration form, which is to be filled out, must be sent to.

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The construction of a hydroelectric plant and the consequent formation of an artificial lake cause irreversible environmental impacts. The S statistic of the Mann-Kendall test can be calculated according to Eq.

According to Pettittthe statistic U t,T can be calculated using Eq.

Material and Methods 2. The null hypothesis H 0 indicates no abrupt change over time and the alternative hypothesis H 1 is that there is an abrupt change in the time series. The diurnal temperature range DTR Fig. Trends in total and extreme South American rainfall and links with sea surface temperature. Dynamic and secure plugins for displaying pdfs wppdf. On the Statistical Analysis of Series of Observations. This study is particularly important for the SHPP region because microclimate changes have significant impacts on the natural, social and economic sectors.

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Trends in Temperature and Rainfall Extremes near the Artificial Sobradinho Lake, Brazil

Position vacancy description announcement of a selection. Results and Discussion 3. Although hydroelectric plants use a renewable natural resource, which is water, they still alter the landscape due to deforestation, causing damage to the people, fauna and flora, flooding areas where they had residences, plantations, and animals, as well as the displacement of many families from their homes.

The rainfall dependent indices did not present statistical significance with the SST regions in the Atlantic Ocean. The advantage of using these tests is that they filter 207 extreme values of the data series.

Journal of Climatev. Our results showed an increase in consecutive dry days with statistical significance; however, we cannot affirm that the rise in consecutive dry days results in a decrease in total annual precipitation because although most of the correlations between annual precipitation and SST of the oceans suggest a negative correlation, these are not statistically significant.

While transistors employ binary digits, or bits, to encode state in the form of a 1 editxl 0, quantum computers employ quantum bits, or qubits, and can encode multiple states.

The increase in maximum and minimum temperatures in the region of study corroborates with the projections of the IPCC which has identified that minimum temperatures have increased faster than maximum temperatures. The non-parametric tests used in this research were cnesf using software R version 3.

A further analysis of the tropical Atlantic SST modes and their relations to north-eastern Brazil rainfall during different phases of Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation.

And may be extended, if necessary, for a period of up to twelve