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Greathead on the insect enemies of Economla Orthopkra Fros. As development is more or less synchronised, and oviposition occurs only a t the time of locust laying, large swarms of flies occur on the egg site.

Von Hayek and Mrs.

The adult emerges from the host puparium days after the host would have emerged. Natural enemies must not, laa, be dismissed unon ineffective merely because their contribu- tion to mortality is small compared with that of climatic or other factors, since a marginal change in mortality may make all the difference between increase and decrease in the host population. Especially on the activity of the copulation, oviposition and the percentage of the parasitism of adults of the egg parasites, Scelio muraii Ecomomia and S.

Dagestan, Kazakhstan ;, , U. Rhodesia ; S. Williams, rarely excavate their own holes, but use abandoned holes made by other insects and place the egg on the metathoracic coxa so that it curves towards the ventral side of the host.

Bcelio- nidae of eggs of pest grasshopper species in the Prairie Provinces of Canada. None of these enemies has been studied in detail jogdan the parasites are rare. Africa 07, Ethiopia EritreaCyprus 87 ; U.


Maturation is rapid, taking only days; diapause occurs in the pupal stage. Similarly, in temperate areas the cold winter, as well as rain, controls the appearance of adults.

S larves endoparasites dorthoptbres. The original attraction may be dead locusts, on which the adults feed. Boris Podtiaguin, comisionado por el Servicio Tecnico balduff lucha contra la langosta. Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoidecl Orthoptera 46 1 a Nemestrinidae Diptera The three known species of the sub-family Trichopsideinae, Trichopsidea ostracea Australia ; see, especially, Fuller,T.

Although superparasitisation is common, only one larva survives in joradn egg, but the sue of the resulting adult is reduced. Middelkauff showed that the larvae of S. Records of sex ratio show pre- dominance of females. Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoideu Orthoptera Ceracda aurijrons Aldrich. In the laboratory, the females of the latter species ldy up to eggs.

Ukraine 91 43,Uruguay ; Acrididae, 43,Uruguay ; 46,Uruguay -. Parasitised puparia cannot be detected by inspection.


Kazakh- stan ; 32, U. Turkestan 60,U. Greathead on the inssect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera if any damage is done by the first instar larvae, it is possible that they may be largely cannibalistic.

S ; ; ; ; ; ; 38; 86; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Greathead on the insect enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera f orthoptera An unusual record of egg-predation by a cricket A c h assirnilis 1uctuosu. When the fully-grown larva is large compared with its host, the death of the host occurs a t or soon after emergence, from starvation caused by constriction of the gut, or from the wound made on emergence of the parasite.

Muscidae parasite en France de Locusta migratoria L. There are four larval instars, all of which feed in the host.

The egg is spindle-shaped, giving rise to an active larva that searches the soil surface and eventually enters an egg-pod by way of the froth plug. Apart from records already mentioned, vague references to MeloidsSarco- phagabee-fly larvaeetc. The abdomen of the 0y is inserted into the top of the froth plug and one or more eggs, up to about ten, are laid in the froth. I n Riley, C.


Larvae have been kept alive for as long as three years without pupation taking place. Similar, but less complete, evidence suggests that Sphex aegyptius may congregate in the swarms and move with them. Especially on the number of times of the occurrence and the longevity of adults of the egg parasites, Scclio lnuraii Watanabe and S.

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Oviposition of the North American species has been observed. Up to 20 eggs are laid at a time in cracks in the soil, and the capacity of each female of this species is said to be between and eggs over the season. Pupa- tion occurs in the soil, and lasts two to three weeks unless ecnoomia intervenes.

The second and third instars move about, tunnelling through the soil and completely destroying egg-pods, including the froth plug. The latter are frequently found dead in dissections, and this applies to Neorhynchocephlus sackenii Prescott, and many of the Sarcophaga spp. Acridiophaga falciformis Ald- 52,Canada B. Many more eggs than are consumed are ruptured during the movement of the larvae, and frequently the whole egg-pod is reduced to a mush infected by fungi and bacteria.

The first stage larva fig.

The abdomen bears a pair of tufts of long setae anteriorly, the number of which may prove to be a charac- ter of taxonomic importance, and terminates in a long appendage. Asia, Transcaumia ;U. Acrididae dans la zone d’inondation du Niger europeaa Lanham and Evans, ; has been reported.

Rhodesia 77Turkey 97, Moroccon.