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In the world of Eberron, each mark is tied to specific bloodlines. The families that carry these marks joined together to form the Dragonmarked. I’ve talked about the Dragonmarked Houses and Aberrant What would happen to Eberron if all the Dragonmarks suddenly went dormant?. The concept of magic as an industrial force is at the heart of the Eberron campaign setting, and the dragonmarked houses are an integral part.

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Please drqgonmarked us how you portray the participation of the Silver Flame during the last war and whether there religious discrimination or conflict against flamers in Karrnath or Breland. JavaScript is currently disabled. The dragonmarked houses are the descendants of the families that first manifested the marks, and a character with a dragonmark can always find a connection to a dragonmarked house somewhere in the roots of his family tree.

It took the combined skills of House Orien, House Cannith, and House Kundarak to create the safe-deposit vaults that allow Kundarak customers to deposit goods at one bank and withdraw them across the continent. It still requires time and components note that I consider residuum to be the highest grade of refined Eberron dragonshards — the basic fuel of the magical economybut the power is part of the mark.

The point is that this is generally use of the Heal skill as opposed to magic.

Often they were shunned by the houses and eked out a pitiful existence. They have no special power to smite evil. What would happen to Eberron if all the Dragonmarks suddenly went dormant? Despite these beliefs, dragonmarks are clearly about more than selective breeding.

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The vast majority of the people who are employed by a dragonmarked house have no blood tie to the houses. Views Read Edit View history. Its specialty is counterintelligence and predictive work. The Treaty of Thronehold called on the authority of the Korth Edicts when House Cannith was ordered to shut down the creation forges. Again, I think Vadalis has a lot of long-term potential because magebred humans are creepy and an extremely logical source of homegrown Inspired for the Dreaming Dark to use.


Favoring one country over another has simple economic consequences. Swift long distance communication relies on Orien and Sivis. Now, Medani has been called out as providing exceptional service at a unusually low rate to Breland, based in part on the friendship of Boranel and the patriarch.

But the key point is that while the houses are monopolies, this is often because no one knows how to replicate what they can do on an international scale; only a few have to actively deal with serious competition. Many patriarchs also take the title of Baron. What happened between the two appearances?

Why are there none on the goblin race, who lived before humans? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Several times it has allegedly re-surfaced but they were either all hoaxes or Aberrant Dragonmarks. Like the idea of safety deposit boxes, dimensional vaults of store rooms that physically exist deep in the mountains of the Mror Holds where the dwarves of House Kundarak have made their ancestral home.

Your email address will not be published. When house leaders met Galifar in the city of Korth at the height of his drive to unite the Five Nations, the would-be king swore to protect the houses, agreeing to a number of provisions that would ensure their continued economic strength.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Orien and Lyrandar are cornerstones of mass transit and freight. Part of House Phiarlan split drahonmarked recently, to form House Thuranni. Any player dragonmwrked could have a dragonmark outside of the bloodline.

Inspired by the power of the dragonmark that manifests in its bloodline, each house wields great influence in Khorvairian life. An amplified version of the shadowstep power, these are linked pits of absolute darkness hidden in the recesses of a handful of enclaves.


Loss of Cannith brings mass production of common goods and primary creation of magical goods to a halt. Though a person can fail the test and still manifest a mark at a later age as shown by the fact that a player character can manifest a mark at -any timethis is rare. For much of the war, Cyre was its primary client; Cyre certainly employed more warforged than anyone else.

When the Kingdom of Galifar was shattered, every nation needed the services of the dragonmarked houses. Putting those two statements together, what we get is this. These individuals serve as the ultimate guildmaster, coordinating reports from each region and advising the patriarch. Most businesses are licensed.

The Lyrriman gnomes of House Sivis claim that their forebears were the first to identify and unify the dragonmarked families, while members of the Vown family of House Cannith make similar claims. There are twelve families of dragonmarks; originally there were thirteen, but no living creature on Eberron possesses the destroyed mark of House Vol.

Dragonmarked Heir

It took generations for these first dragonmarked to realize the significance and power of their marks. First of all, it would be considered an aberrant mark. Special provisions were made for House Deneith, which retained the right to assemble military forces for mercenary service.

Depending on your edition, a mark provides you with a variety of concrete benefits. History is written by the victors, and the dragonmarked houses have had fifteen hundred years to codify the rdagonmarked of the aberrants. A seneschal can be dispatched to investigate a corrupt or ineffective viceroy, or to negotiate an especially critical agreement between drqgonmarked or nations.