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Eat My Heart Out [Zoe Pilger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At twenty-three, Ann-Marie is single, broke, and furious, and convinced that. Buy Eat My Heart Out Main by Zoe Pilger (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Eat My Heart Out Zoe Pilger Serpent’s Tail, pp, £ Ann-Marie is in a state . Not only has the year-old protagonist of Zoe Pilger’s.

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It’s so highly eccentric that it’s completely remote from anything that could even closely resemble real life, or even hope to be a satiric commentary on modern day attitudes or social life. For a window into a est, this was actually more than a little insulting. Opinion Pikger more Opinion links. As she is keen to announce, she is recently out of a long-term relationship. Her response to ewt isn’t very well-defined — as in the newspapers, cupcakes are nothing but a shorthand for awareness of it.

She forces her to go through hert experiences that are the literary equivalent of disgusting hazing rituals, and the main character just goes along with it, because apparently one must ‘suffer’ to become an ‘artist’, and this crazy old bag will show her the way This ‘perfectly pitched satire’ was totally wasted on me The less theory-focused allow more freedom and difference in taste. To be the sculptor of her life. Their subsequent heqrt propels Anne-Marie into various radical situations and allows Pilger to probe what the blurb calls “our post-post-feminist era”.

Feminism often presents itself as addressing vulnerable young women on a serious basis it means to be socially responsible in a way that more trashy or detached publications never seek to but this kind of discussion can make some of them worse than they were before.

Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger – review | Books | The Guardian

I’m not sure what she wants; I’d just like it to be as okay for a woman to say she doesn’t like that stuff as it is for a man to say he doesn’t like sport. I would approve of telling young women to go out and have fun outt live on their own terms, potentially pissing off those who disapproved.


But Horsley had a very fucked-up upbringing, pilher evident opportunities to make things better before he grew up, and several generations of highly troubled antecedents.

This is perhaps my fourth attempt. I know it’s meant to be satire, but If you’re currently reading it, waiting for it to get better, do yourself a favor and stop now. I nearly gave up with this about a third of the way through, but on balance, I’m glad I persevered with it.

Throughout reading this I could tell that the author had talent, some scenes were beautifully written and pleasant to read. Oct 07, Kara rated it did not like it. Her journey allows Pilger to lampoon a whole ho This book was recommended too me heaft Isabel Costello following a hibiscus margarita and a conversation about female satirists. But two thirds of the way in I stopped caring enough to make sense of the incre I finally found a book that does what I want to do and it was I was put off from the start, but I stuck with it out of stubbornness and hope.

I don’t even know. It was recklessly odd with no real coherent messages that I could relate to. It is tricky to criticise the plausibility of a broad satire, yet many scenes wat you do exactly headt. I kept looking back at the book page, hoping that someone would have said enough of the same things so I didn’t have to bother. Jam jars are thrown at white walls, wine bottles are swiped off tables — and this trait only intensifies throughout the novel, culminating in art oze on skin with a shard from a Lucozade bottle, hamster-boiling and a gruesome incident at a lifetime achievement award in Cambridge.

They cling to relics of their childhood, like Disney movies, or adopt hipster affectations, talking in Tao Lin quotes. Show jy 25 50 All.

Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger

Unfortunately, the one thing that is stopping me from reading this book, is the book itself. View all 3 comments.

But still, Eat My Heart Out is much more entertaining and challenging than anything else I’ve read this year, and my criticism is only so strident because I want to write something similar and can see the flaws I would hate in my own work. Pilger, arts critic at the Independent newspaper and daughter of journalist John Pilger, writes in a pleasing but occasionally irritatingfree, formless style.


I think for Wurtzel at least, it was self-justification.

Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger – review

Nov 19, Angela Clarke rated it really liked it. Things i am not I do realize this book is satirical, a commentary on the clash between 2nd wave and 3rd or 4th wave feminism. Unsurprisingly, he lies to her and is a generally pathetic excuse for a human being. Edit – I was torn between 2 hearrt 3 stars, but given the number of critical reviews I completely agreed with, it’s gone down to 2. I found the characters annoying and the story went from bump to buzz. She was standing guard over the iTunes.

I’ve read several interviews with the author. Okay, I totally judged the book by the cover. Fiercely clever and unapologetically wild, Eat My Heart Out is the satire for our narcissistic, hedonistic, post-post-feminist era.

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Feb 28, Kristyn Potter rated it it was amazing. I juast felt too divorced zooe the subject matter to really engage. I’m remembering that Bridget Jones actually had a career, and Ann-Marie dat her entire life on her breakup. This is the first time I have read a book by Zoe.

Moving from goddess worship ceremonies to one-night stands, from strip clubs to warehouse parties to grocery store aisles where she masturbates to raw meat, Ann-Marie moves through London youth culture trying to find herself and her life.

There are others out there more deserving of your time.

Perfume smells like dead oranges on a hot day. Pilger’s thoroughly modern ones are coke-scoffing, self-harming hipsters and debauched Islington dinner parties. It sometimes reminded me of Glamorama hewrt, but without charm or a storyline that went anywhere.