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Instead, EasyGui is basically a set of dialogs that can be opened on demand. This package would be handy for command line programs that. Tkinter is one of them, actually it is one of the oldest GUI toolkits. easygui is a Tkinter based module which has written to give access to the GUI. Thankfully, the EasyGui module allows you to add some GUI If you want to give EasyGui a try, make sure to peruse the EasyGui tutorial.

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Almost all of the boxes display a message and a title. You may encounter problems using IDLE to run programs that use easygui. When you invoke the buttonbox function or other functions that easyguk a button box, such as msgbox, indexbox, ynbox, etc. For example, if you invoked index box with three choices A, B, Cindexbox would return 0 if the user picked A, 1 if he picked B, and 2 if he picked C.

Usually, you can use other images such as. Simply creating the settings object will restore its values from the settingsFile, if the settingsFile exists:.

ICS3U Python easyGUI Primer – Mr. Liconti

Buttonboxes are good for offering the user a small selection of short choices. The file can be. Exceptionbox displays the stack trace in a codebox and may allow you to continue processing. Suppose for instance that you wanted easyyui use a buttonbox, but for whatever reason did not want to specify the title second positional argument.

Enter search terms or a module, class or function name. This allows you to keep the EasyGui namespace separate with a minimal amount of typing. For instance, the title argument to msgbox is optional, so you can call msgbox specifying only a message, this way:.



EasyGui Tutorial — easygui () documentation

easjgui You could still specify the choices argument the third argument using a keyword, this way:. Pressing “g” again, will jump the cursor to the next element beginning with “g”.

The screens that it produces are shown on the easygui home page. In order to make the process of storing and restoring user settings, EasyGui provides a class called EgStore. Note The types of files supported depends on how you installed python. For example, using EasyGui, the famous “Hello, world!

On the other hand, “import star” is a bad Python practice. Here is a simple demo program using easygui.

EasyGui Tutorial

For all of the boxes, the first two arguments are for message and title, in that order. Tutoorial is the signature of the msgbox function:. Here is the signature of the msgbox function: But if there are many choices, or the text of the choices is long, wasygui a better strategy is to present them as a list. Returns the text of the button that the user selected. The keyboard can be used to select an element of the list.

NOTE that this box returns integer values 1 and 0not true boolean values true and falsewhich became available in Python version 2.

The choices will be given a case-insensitive sort before they are presented. EasyGui provides a few basic functions for allowing a user to navigate through the file system and choose a directory or a file. Sometimes exceptions are raised If there are easyui values than names, the list of values is truncated so that there are as many values as names.

Once you have done this, you can remember the settings simply by assigning values to instance variables in the settings object, and easyguii the settings. To see examples of code that invokes the EasyGui functions, look at the demonstration code at the end of easygui. The buttonbox can be esygui to display a set of buttons of your choice. On the various types of buttonbox, the default message is “Shall I continue? You can just code something like this:. The title defaults to the empty string, and the message usually has a simple default.


Here is some example code, that shows how values returned from multpasswordbox can be checked for validity before they are accepted:.

A common need is to ask the user for some setting, and then to “persist it”, or store it on disk, so that the next time the user uses your application, you can remember his previous setting. The screens that it produces are shown on the gallery page.

The interface looks just like the choicebox, but the user may select zero, one, or multiple choices. Both of these boxes return their contents, so it is possible to use them as an alternative to enterbox tutoria, allowing the user to enter multiple lines of text. If you find that you have problems, try running your program outside of IDLE.

You can even over-ride the default text of “OK” on tutorixl button if you wish. Note that you can pass these boxes either a string or a list of strings. The types of files supported depends on how you installed python. Here is an example of code to create the settings object. If there are more values than names, the list of values is truncated so that there are as many values as names.